Traffic advertising: Reach target customers outdoors

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– Continuously moving
– Constantly searching and approaching customers
– Frequency of repeating continuously
– Wide coverage
– Cost savings

Traffic advertising is an effective means of communication, creating a large “pop” for the brand, suitable for all sizes of businesses!

Forms of advertising on means of transport

Advertising on Buses

Considered as a large billboard on the street, moving on fixed routes, forming a target communication area with repetitive frequency. Bus advertising has achieved high traffic volume and has now been expanded to over 63 provinces and cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, … in many forms:

– The ad overflows the bus glass.
– Advertising die-cut bus glass climbing.
– Advertisement on the bus body.
– Advertising inside the bus (handle, LCD, banner).
– Advertising at the bus waiting house.

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Advertising on taxi

Taxi advertisements are covered on a large scale, operating in central areas of the province, city, near hotels, restaurants, shopping centers, tourist sites, … Advertising on taxis is deployed across the country. with many car companies to choose from such as Taxi Group, Taxi Vinasun, Taxi Mai Linh, Taxi Hoang Anh, …

– Advertisement on 4 taxi doors.
– Ad overflowing the taxi’s tail.
– Advertising on the back door of the taxi.
– Advertisement on the taxi glass.
– Advertising behind the chair with flyer bags.

Car advertising - Grab

Performed mainly on the GrabCar system to ensure a stable operating frequency. Car advertising (private car) works in big cities, increasing opportunities to reach customers and the ability to effectively measure and manage the distance of vehicles running through the GPS navigation system on each end vehicle. It is quite economical to stick with car ads.

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Advertising on electric cars

Advertisement images were moved and appeared on major streets, famous tourist destinations with crowded crowds. With a relatively slow movement speed, the ad has been approached with favorable conditions for a longer time.

Roadshow Advertising

The advertising convoy using the vehicles, the color of the car in sync, paraded on the street quickly attracted the attention of all pedestrians. This is considered a prominent highlight for the roadshow communication campaign.

Roadshow advertising is done on many different means: 4-seat car, 7-seat car, 45-seat car, truck, motorcycle, bicycle, …

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Advertising on passenger cars

Creating long advertising journeys across many provinces, expanding the scope and scale of the influence of the advertising campaign. High-quality passenger cars have a beautiful appearance, increasing the advertising aesthetic.

Advertisement on the truck barrel

The form of advertising on the truck “one job for a couple of jobs”, both for transporting goods, and for promoting and introducing products and brands to the public. The cost of implementation is lower than the common ground for other types of advertising means.

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Advertising on motorbikes

Especially suitable for development with the current traffic situation in Vietnam. Motorcycle advertisements appear in large numbers, blending into the influx of people, making the most of the opportunity to attract and make them remember. Solutions often choose Grab or Goviet to improve accessibility.

Advertisement on Plane

Luxury means of advertising with a diverse group of customers from middle-income people, students, to traders, directors, celebrities, … The ads are impressively shown both inside and outside the aircraft. Ability to carry international brands, advertise in many different provinces and countries.

– Advertisement on the fuselage
– Advertisement on the luggage trunk
– TVC advertising on the plane
– Advertising on vomit bags
– Advertisements on airline tickets
– Advertisement on the tray
– Advertisement on the menu
– Advertising on paper cups
– Advertising on paper towels
– Advertise on boarding pass
– Advertisement on leaflets
– Advertisement on the airplane magazine

Three commonly used airlines are Vietjet, Vietnamairlines, and Bamboo Airways.

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