Coach AdvertisingHồng Ký triển khai chiến dịch quảng cáo trên xe khách đường dài

Passenger car advertising is a way for investors to extend their brand journeys. Crossing the scope of a province or city, passenger car advertising creates communication campaigns with the brand journey stretching across many provinces from North to South.

1. What is advertising on a passenger car?

Most of the passenger cars used in the advertisement are long-haul, inter-provincial, and high-class bed cars. With the larger media size, the positions and forms of advertising also become more prominent and impressive.

Advertising on passenger cars is implemented in 2 forms:

  • Paste the decal outside the bodywork: Maquette advertising is stuck on the two sides of the car body with large size and impressive color and design. They form large mobile billboards that appear along the long route of the car lines, promoting the brand in many provinces.
  • LCD advertising on passenger car bed: On LCD screens, entertainment screens on the front of the car, in each bed of the car, the advertisements are displayed in the form of TVCs, promotional videos.

Although there are 2 different options, most investors still pay more attention to the form of advertising outside the body of the car. Because they are easy to implement, have more means to deploy, and the number of customers to reach is also larger.

quảng cáo xe khách

2. Prestigious bus routes, garage advertising

Normally, businesses will choose to advertise on bus routes with an operating distance of 100km or more. In particular, the North-South travel routes or between the tourist provinces are always given priority.

Enterprises can refer to some of the most popular advertising routes such as: Hanoi – Saigon, Hanoi – Hue, Hanoi – Da Nang, Saigon – Da Lat, Saigon – Nha Trang, Saigon – Quy Nhon,…

Large and reputable garage with diversified routes, continuous operation frequency with stable customers, including: Phuong Trang Garage, Thanh Buoi, Hoang Long,…

3. Advertising passenger cars and their outstanding advantages

  • Impressive display images: The advertising images and content are displayed on a large area of the decal that is in the right view and attracts pedestrians. They have a much larger size than the advertisements on buses, taxis, and private cars.
  • Wide coverage: The scale of the advertising campaigns on passenger cars spreads across many provinces. Over a distance of hundreds of kilometers, product image and brand name are continuously transmitted to thousands and millions of customers.
  • Diverse customer group: With a long roadmap and travel time on the road, the group of customers approaching this form of advertising is also extremely diverse. It can be said that the number and segment of users receiving advertising information is unlimited!
  • Frequency of continuous operation: Sixth Sense Media only selects popular bus routes, large and reputable garages with continuous driving frequency. This ensures that investor’s advertising is running continuously every day.

quảng cáo trên xe khách

4. Advertising quotation on passenger car

Cost is definitely one of the top priorities that need to be paid attention by the communication business. For advertising on passenger cars, the investment budget will depend on each business based on the route, the number of vehicles and the time when the vehicle is advertised.

Quotes for advertising passenger cars have differences in each car company, ranging from 55.000.000 (VND) – 115.000.000 (VND)/ xe/ tháng.

Details of the quotation and the specific discount for each car company, advertising route, please contact directly:

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5. Advertise on passenger cars with professional services in Vietnam

Sixth Sense Media is currently a partner with many major car operators and bus management units nationwide. We carry out a package of bus advertising projects, supporting and accompanying businesses from start to finish.

With more than 10 years of experience in the media industry in general and advertising in particular, Sixth Sense converges all the necessary and sufficient conditions to become a reliable partner of the business. Experience, dedication, facilities system and good staff, let us go with you to success!


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