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Outdoor billboards and unlimited effectiveness

– Fast and strong impact on user visualization by the “huge” display format.
– Communication non-stop 24 / 24h.
– Appears on major roads, busy intersections, generating thousands of impressions every day.
– Increase awareness, strengthen and support branding.

Chotot.com quảng cáo biển pano ốp tường tại Hà Nội

Pano - Billboard advertising

Traditional large billboards with sizes from 60m²-250m² are installed on major roads, roads, highways to airports. Large size and beautiful display position provide maximum visibility and impact for brand awareness campaigns.

Outdoor advertising led screen

The great combination and support of technology have created giant TV screens on the street that are super impressive that cannot be ignored by pedestrians. The advertisement is presented in the form of vivid images and videos, with time adjustment, repeating frequency by day, by week.

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Quảng cáo biển chợ của Kem đánh răng Ngọc Châu tại TPHCM

Pano market Advertising

Advertising boards are located at the gate area, the outside of large residential markets, commercial markets, and tourist markets nationwide. Advertising is suitable and especially effective for food products, drinks, home appliances, medical, …

Advertising on the pedestrian overpass

Advertising on the pedestrian overpass is a modern urban advertising trend, with a wide and easy-to-observe vision, reaching millions of people every day. The outstanding advantage of this form of advertising is to stand out from the pedestrian’s vision.

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