Advertising on Electric Carsquảng cáo trên xe ô tô điện

Providing a golden advertising route for the brand in the most popular tourist destinations in Hanoi capital, which is advertising on electric cars. With that advantage, electric vehicle advertising creates a frequency of display with the number of accessible customers, no less competitive than buses, taxis or private cars.

1. What is electric vehicle advertising?

Advertising for electric cars, fully called advertising on electric travel cars. Because this form of advertising uses the green tram system to protect the environment, serving tourists visiting the city..

Electric car has a modern, airy design with 3 or 4 rows of seats. Electric vehicle billboards will be installed right behind each row of seats, in line with visibility and monitored throughout the trip by passengers on the vehicle. In addition, a billboard is also installed at the rear row of seats so that even pedestrians can easily see..

quảng cáo trên xe ô tô điện

2. Features of Hanoi electric car advertising service

Currently, advertising services on electric cars are mainly exploited in the capital Hanoi. Two main locations for advertising are: Ho Hoan Kiem electric car advertisement and Ho Tay electric car advertisement.

The operating route of these routes mainly goes through the famous tourist destinations of the city. The car operates from 8am to 9pm daily, serving domestic and international tourists with continuous frequency. This will also be the time when the advertisements of brands and products on electric vehicles will operate.

As a type of vehicle operating on a clean energy source, protecting the environment, electric vehicles move at a fairly slow speed, only about 20km / h. This speed ensures that passengers in the car can comfortably watch the streets and your ads will be tracked longer by pedestrians.

And even during the break, the electric car ads are still fully active! Because the stops of these cars are located in the area of Hoan Kiem Lake, West Lake – where thousands of people move with crowded and busy traffic.

Streetcar ads run through the streets, with a strong focus on central locations that not all advertising media can reach!

quảng cáo trên xe ô tô điện

3. The cost of advertising on electric cars

Advertising on Ho Hoan Kiem electric car and advertising on electric car Ho Tay are 2 areas with the highest traffic volume in Hanoi. Therefore, the diversity of customer groups to reach as well as the ability to build and spread brands is nothing to discuss.

For the same reason, if you are looking for a cheap form of communication, it is not possible. However, the investment cost for advertising electric cars to get these impressive effects is not too high. Ranges approx 16.000.000 VND/ vehicle/3 month.

Contact Sixth Sense Media directly for a quote with the best discounts!

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4. Sixth Sense Media – The company pioneered in exploiting advertising services on electric cars

Sixth Sense Media currently holds 50% of the tourism electric vehicle advertising in the Hoan Kiem and West Lake areas. With a long time of research and careful preparation in all aspects, we bring quality service packages with the most attractive incentives for investors.

Support package advertising, accompany your business throughout the project, you just need to connect with us, Sixth Sense Media helps you connect to success!


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