Advertising on Grab cars and cars is becoming a popular media trend for many businesses. Eye-catching display, roadmap commitment and especially the GPS navigation feature help investors effectively measure, make sure that the advertising budget is used appropriately and optimally.

1. Personal car advertising service in Vietnam

In the last months of 2015 and early 2016, the concept and technology taxi service began to take shape and develop in Vietnam. The two biggest names known at the time were Uber and Grab. But with the merger of the “silver billion” brand, Uber officially withdrew and ceded the market, making Grab the largest technology car company in our country.

The milestones of the taxi technology companies are also the turning point of the market for advertising on the transport. Car advertising appears to bring more advantages and more convenience for businesses to use.

Consumers prefer to use technology taxis because that is when they can take a taxi like a car. And media businesses are more interested in advertising on GrabCar cars when their brands become exclusive!

Currently, car advertising and car advertising services have been deployed in major developed provinces and cities. Specifically, car advertising in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Can Tho, Quang Ninh, Nha Trang, … These are places where GrabCar activities are extremely developed with the word 800 – 2000 locomotives operate in each province or city.

quảng cáo trên xe hơi

2. Characteristics of car advertising service

An outstanding advantage of advertising on a car compared to a traditional bus or taxi is that the entire area that is allowed to be advertised outside the body of the car is for the brand. Without any additional contact information or logo of the car company.

Advertising decal is stuck on all 4 car doors. The area of the maquette is maximized, so the image and content of the communication message are shown more impressively, creatively and more eye-catching.

The advertising cars used by the Grab car system are all selected vehicles. Most of them are new, modern cars, regularly cleaned and maintained by the owners themselves. As a result, the advertising on personal vehicles is always guaranteed to be optimal in terms of aesthetics and appearance.

In addition, some businesses are also gradually implementing the form of advertising inside the car with leaflets or LCD screens. However, due to the lower number of customers and high cost (with LCD screens), advertising on the car body is still the preferred choice.

quảng cáo trên xe ô tô cá nhân

3. The advantages of advertising in the car

Advertising on private cars appeared quite late in the transport advertising market in Vietnam, when advertising buses and taxis had a certain foothold. However, not so that people find this advertising service less competitive. Even from the very first campaigns, car advertising has clearly shown its superiority when:

  • Create impressive mobile billboards on the street.
  • Where brands, advertising products become exclusive, not sharing media space with anyone.
  • Advertising on Grab with a large, large-scale vehicle system with managed GPS navigation and a commitment to advertising distances.
  • The time the car runs on the road is continuous and stable, ensuring that the advertising is transmitted continuously, reaching thousands of people every day.
  • Costs are controlled, managed and used most reasonably!

4. Drivers benefit from rental car stickers?

The car advertising service not only attracts businesses but also a large number of participating drivers. The benefits of advertising on cars are not only for people with propaganda and advertising purposes, but also for the car owners themselves.

When agreeing to rent a car to do car advertising, the driver is guaranteed:

  • Advertising on cars does not require a permit and does not violate traffic laws.
  • Have a stable monthly income from advertising on the car.
  • The car paint is warranted by the advertising agency, responsible for any peeling or peeling condition caused by decal stickers.

5. Sixth Sense Media and professional personal car advertising service in Vietnam

Immediately joining the market at the beginning, up to now, Sixth Sense Media has mobilized and established a car advertising community of over 3,000 units covering many provinces nationwide. Our car advertising services are fully used by the Grab advertising system to ensure the highest efficiency for your media campaigns.

Thanks to that, all projects are guaranteed in terms of:

  • Colors and types of vehicles according to customers’ requirements.
  • Commitment to the number of kilometers of vehicles per month, reaching from 2000 – 2500km/ vehicle / month.
  • Package service, dedicated warranty.
  • Competitive quotes, many attractive incentives.

For details on consulting and advertising support, please contact us:


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Hotline: 0934 519 516

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