Taxi Advertisingbảng giá quảng cáo trên xe taxi

Sixth Sense provides a nationwide taxi advertising solution, with beautiful advertising stickers, fast construction with attractive quotes, high preferential discounts.

1. What is advertising on a taxi?

Advertising on a taxi is similar to advertising on a bus that is stuck on the sides of the car, but with a smaller area. Due to the development of this advertising type, the current advertising form is quite diverse. But we can divide it into 2 main ad groups: advertising outside the taxi and advertising inside the taxi.

1.1 Advertising outside the taxi:

The taxi’s outside advertisement is to use an advertisement image printed with decal (glossy or fuzzy decal) glued to the two sides of the taxi. Currently, there are 4 popular types of taxi advertisements that are pasted on the 2 rear doors, on the 2 doors and the rear end (full tail), on the 4 doors and on the taxi glass. Taxi advertising has 2 main types of taxi: 4-seater taxi and 7-seat taxi.

1.11 – Advertisement on the 2 rear doors of the car

This form of advertising is the use of advertising images on the two rear doors of taxis, in 2015 this is a very popular form of advertising in Vietnam because of its freshness and beauty and high efficiency. The area of this advertising form is 1000mm x 800mm for 4-seater car and 1100mm x 850mm for 7-seater car.

quảng cáo trên xe taxi mai linh

K-Food quảng cáo taxi Vinasun 2016

1.12 – Advertisement on the rear doors and rear of the taxi 

This form of advertising has a larger advertising area than the rear-door advertising form ranging from 1800mm x 900mm for 4-seater car and 2000mm x 950mm for 7-seater car. With a larger ad area of course there is a better impression.

bảng giá quảng cáo trên xe taxi

quảng cáo taxi vinasun

1.13 – Advertisement on 4 taxi doors

The form of advertising on the 4 taxi doors was not approved by the taxi companies because the two front doors have their brand logos, but due to the demand of customers and the explosion of the advertising form above. Taxi companies have accepted to allow advertising this form, but currently only Vinasun taxi, Mai Linh taxi, Open99 taxi and Vinataxi are implementing this form of advertising..

The outstanding advantage of this form of advertising is that it is wide, beautiful, and impresses with visitors.

quảng cáo trên taxi vinasun

quảng cáo taxi mai linh

1.2 Advertising inside the taxi:

Advertising behind the taxi seat: Using posters and leaflets behind the front seats, people in taxi traffic will easily access the image right in front. This form is currently only Sixth Sense applied to the taxi Group.

Advertising LCD screen behind the seat: This form has been put into operation by Taxi Vinasun and Taxi Mai Linh, but has not yet recognized its value.

1.21 – Advertising form behind taxi seats

As mentioned above, Sixth Sense only provides back-seat advertising solutions on taxi Group, although this form of advertising is not as large as the previous types of advertising, but has the advantage of being easy easy access to customers in traffic by taxi.

quảng cáo sau lưng ghế taxi

1.22 –  Advertising form on the LCD screen behind the front seats:

This is a relatively new form of advertising in a taxi that Vinasun and Mai Linh have put into operation in the past 1-2 years, but have not really received attention from advertising agencies and businesses. fox. The advantage of this form of advertising is that the picture has moving sound with short TVCs with the duration of 30 seconds – 45 seconds. If you have a campaign to promote the brand, the service has an impact on the eyes and hearing of the customer, this is the most suitable advertising channel..

Quảng cáo trên màn hình LCD sau lưng ghế taxi

2. Advertising advantages on taxi:

+ Taxi operation frequency is high

+ Average travel distance of 1 vehicle / day is long 200 – 240km

+ Taxis are a popular means of transport with high advertising traffic

+ Taxi advertising costs are much cheaper than other types of advertising such as Pano, bus, LED screen

+ Advertising coverage is wide, because taxis creep all the way

3. Advertising regulations on taxi

The regulations on advertising on the taxi has been clearly stated by the Law on Advertising in the section of the Law on advertising on vehicles in Article 32 of the Law on Advertising 16 / 2-12 / QH13, effective from 11/2013 to present..

Contents of Article 32 of the Law on Advertising:

“1 – Advertising on traffic means must comply with the provisions of this Law and the traffic law.

2 – Advertisement products must not be displayed on the front, back and roof of vehicles. The advertising products must not exceed 50% of the permitted area for advertising of means of transport. The display of logos, logos and symbols of the vehicle owner or the vehicle company on the means of traffic must comply with the traffic laws..” 

Besides, the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism also has the official dispatch No. 2310 / BVHTTDL-VHCS with the following contents:

b) From January 1, 2013, the licensing of advertising on boards, signs, banners, screens placed in public places, luminescent objects, aerial objects, underwater objects, and vehicles shall be annulled. and other mobile objects are replaced with the procedures for receiving advertisement contents on advertisement boards and banners. Therefore, according to the provisions of the Law on Advertising, fees are not collected for the procedure of receiving advertisement content on billboards and banners..” 

Thus, with advertising on taxis in particular and on means of transport in general, currently there is no need to apply for a license to advertise, but still must have a “file of advertising announcement” to the cultural department at local to deploy advertising.

4. Should choose a reputable taxi advertising company

It is not easy to choose a reputable taxi advertising agency when there are many taxi advertising service providers on the market. We would like to present a number of criteria that can help you choose the right ad unit

+ Profestional company: Based on previous advertising campaigns, customers have done to evaluate the experience of the unit

+ Reputable company: Find out the ad units’ information to see if they have problems with customers or partners.?

+ Warranty policy like?

+ There is a policy of preferential quotation, discount rate?

Sixth Sense Media is a unit with many years of experience implementing nationwide taxi advertising campaigns, we have used to advertise for many big brands such as Mega Wecare, Meizan, Simply, Lalamove, Hafele, Huda Beer,….

5. Project

6. Sixth Sense taxi advertising implementation process:

Quy trình triển khai quảng cáo của SSM

7. Advertising quotes on taxis

No Taxi company Range of vehicle Size
Cost /xe/ 01 month(VND) Amount
1 Taxi Vinasun Toyota Vios C:75cm x R: 100cm 1,687,500 1,500
2 Toyota Innova C:85cm x R: 110cm 1,812,500 1,500
3 Taxi Group Toyota Vios C:75cm x R: 100cm 1,687,500 500
4 Toyota Innova C:85cm x R: 110cm 1,812,500 800
5 Taxi Mai Linh Huyndai i10 C:72cm x R: 95cm 1,812,500 800
6 Toyota Vios C:75cm x R: 100cm 1,937,500 1,500
7 Toyota Innova C:85cm x R: 110cm 2,312,500 600
8 Taxi Thành Công Kia Morning, C:85cm x R: 110cm 1,187,500 700
9 Huyndai Getz.
10 Taxi ABC Kia Morning, C:85cm x R: 110cm 1,437,500 300
11 Huyndai Getz.
12 Taxi Thanh Nga Kia Morning, C:85cm x R: 110cm 1,437,500 1,000
13 Huyndai Getz.
14 Taxi Vạn Xuân Kia Morning, C:85cm x R: 110cm 1,187,500 800
15 Huyndai Getz.
16 Taxi VIC Huyndai i10 C:72cm x R: 95cm 1,437,500 1,000
17 Kia Morning, C:85cm x R: 110cm
18 Taxi Sao Hà Nội Kia Morning, C:85cm x R: 110cm 1,187,500 700
19 Huyndai Getz.
20 Taxi Mỹ Đình Kia Morning, C:85cm x R: 110cm 1,187,500 500
21 Huyndai Getz.
22 Taxi Long Biên Kia Morning, C:85cm x R: 110cm 1,187,500 400
23 Huyndai Getz.
24 Taxi Mê Công Kia Morning, C:85cm x R: 110cm 1,187,500 300
25 Huyndai Getz.
26 Taxi Thành Lợi Kia Morning, C:85cm x R: 110cm 1,187,500 800
27 Huyndai Getz.


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