Roadshow AdvertisingBridgestone tổ chức roadshow quảng cáo tại Hà Nội

Not only making a special mark but also a media event affirming the brand’s class, it can only be the advertising roadshow! Advertising was performed on 4-seat, 7-seat modern cars, 45-seat luxury roadshow and trucks.

1. What is an automobile roadshow?

“Roadshow” translated into Vietnamese meaning street performance event. As such, automotive roadshows can simply be understood as using cars as mobile advertising spots. But the special thing here is that not only one but a row of cars will follow each other running through major streets to attract the attention of pedestrians in about 3-7 days.

Roadshow advertising has appeared for a long time in Vietnam. But in the past it was often held on a motorbike or bicycle. Roadshow advertising by car has a high cost, but that means the prominence and attraction it creates are also superior.

2. Forms of automobile roadshow advertising

In Vietnam, automobile roadshow advertising is done mainly on the following vehicles:

  • Advertising roadshow 4 seats, 7 seats: Advertising decal is stuck on 4 car doors. Usually convoys will have 10 or more vehicles.

Bridgestone tổ chức roadshow quảng cáo tại TPHCM

  • Advertising 45 seats luxury roadshow car: The ad covering the entire exterior of the car body forms a giant mobile advertising object on the street. You should advertise on 3-5 vehicles or more.

Luxuruy roadshow đẳng cấp và sang trọng cho Dự án Charm Diamond

  • Advertisement Roadshow by truck: Maquette advertising is stuck on the side of the vehicle, forming a unique advertising box. In addition, many roadshow trucks use LED signs mounted in the trunks to make the ad stand out even in the dark.

roadshow xe tải

The cost of implementing each form of car roadshow advertising can vary from a few tens of millions to hundreds of million dong. The larger the budget, the larger the fleet, the longer the ad running time, the higher the chance of gaining attention and remembering with customers.

3. What are the outstanding advantages of road show advertising?

If you are looking for a breakthrough and a highlight for your product or brand’s media campaign, definitely don’t miss out on auto roadshow ads! Media campaigns like these are possible:

  • Generates great attraction and attention from all pedestrians.
  • The image of the same brand name becomes outstanding.
  • The itinerary for daily advertising vehicles is decided by the enterprise, concentrated in areas with the most traffic volume.
  • The ad runs continuously for many days with impressive advertising vehicles increasing memory.
  • Stimulating sales growth with the ability to build and position an impressive brand in the market.

4. The right events do advertising roadshow

For the automobile roadshow, the investor can use it in a number of events such as:

  • Introduce and open new stores and branches of the company.
  • Promote products, launch new services.
  • Company establishment anniversary, idol’s birthday.
  • Introduce events, customer gratitude programs.

In addition to its introductory nature, roadshow advertising also has the ability to attract direct participation and interaction from customers to corporate events.

5. National automobile roadshow advertising service, luxury roadshow Sixth Sense Media

With a fairly large scale organization and a large number of vehicles running on the road, advertising roadshow cars requires a license and strict organization process. That is the reason that investors should look to units with experience and the ability to organize professional roadshow events to make the campaign go smoothly and smoothly.

With 10 years of experience in the media industry, Sixth Sense Media confidently provides high quality automobile luxry roadshow and advertising service nationwide. Full service, full legal procedures, acceptance report with both photos and video, you will have the most satisfying experience at the most competitive cost!

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