What is outdoor advertising?

OUT OF HOME (OOH) outdoor advertising is a word that generally describes outdoor advertising solutions not located inside the house such as billboard advertising (Pano, Billboard, outdoor LED screen), advertising on transportation, hanging banners, advertising for gas stations, airport advertising, … … with the goal of reaching a large number of potential customers with sound, images, eye-catching colors, easily impressing inside customer.

Outdoor Advertising Service

Quảng cáo Billboard cho Máy điều hòa Ecool
Advertising banner - Pano, Billboard

Traditional large billboards with sizes from 60m²-250m² are installed on major roads, road intersections, highways to the airport.

Roadshow xe bus 2 tầng hoành tráng về Dự án West Gate Bình Chánh
Advertising on transport

Traffic advertising is an effective means of communication, creating a large “pop” for the brand, suitable for all sizes of businesses!

quảng cáo trong thang máy
LCD Advertising - Supermarket Elevator

Building areas, supermarkets, are places with a large concentration of potential customers, with large and diverse shopping needs.

quang cao san bay 6
Advertising in the airport

Sixth Sense Media is a provider of comprehensive airport advertising solutions since 2009. Diversified forms, full service, advertising are spread on major airports, with international brands!

quang cao tren bao mang dien tu online
Advertising on newspaper online

If you and your business are looking for a reputable advertising company to advertise on electronic newspapers at a cost Priority, contact me now!

Quảng cáo trên radio vov giao thông hình thức live mention
Advertisement on VOV traffic

Advertising on radio, VOV traffic is still effective in communication although there are many other forms of advertising appearing in Vietnam nowadays.

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