Motorcycle advertisingquảng cáo trên xe máy

Advertising on motorbikes could not be more suitable for the implementation of the actual traffic situation in Vietnam. A large number of vehicles, diverse areas of operation, motorbike billboards appear on all roads, bringing brands and products closer to people than ever before.

1. Why say motorcycle advertising is extremely suitable for deployment in Vietnam?

Vietnam is currently the leading country in ASEAN in terms of the ratio of motorcycles to the total number of road motor vehicles. The number of vehicles operating on the road to date has reached nearly 60 million units. Motorbikes have become the main means of transportation for the vast majority of Vietnamese people.

For the development of the current transport infrastructure, this vehicle even more proves its suitability. The number of parking lots for cars is small, many small roads, access roads, and entrances are not suitable for large-sized vehicles. The most convenient and portable when participating in traffic in our country is still a motorbike!

Based on all those reasons, the motorcycle advertising service was formed and gradually put into operation. Currently, most of them are advertising on Grab motorbikes for investors to feel secure, manage and be committed to about the distance of their vehicles each day.

Dự báo trong 20 năm nữa, xe máy vẫn là phương tiện được ưa chuộng và chiếm số lượng lớn tại Việt Nam

It is forecasted that in the next 20 years, motorbikes will still be the preferred means and occupy a large number in Vietnam

2. How to make a billboard for a motorcycle?

Motorcycle advertisements are designed in the form of a light box sign in the back of the vehicle. The motorcycle billboard has an outer rectangular frame made of anti-wear, rust-resistant iron, mica light guide plate and printed with 3M decal for eye-catching colors, anti-fading. Inside there are more LED lighting systems that work when it’s dark for ads that are always attractive.

The billboard behind the motorbike does not cause any discomfort or affect the customers behind. They are fixed, forming a sturdy and comfortable seat for the user.

quảng cáo trên xe máy

3. The advantages of advertising services on motorcycles

Technology motorbike taxi companies are becoming effective assistants to advertise. Both bringing benefits to media businesses and increasing drivers’ income, motorcycle advertising services receive great support.

The advantages and outstanding communication features that motorbike billboards bring to investors include:

  • Large number of vehicles, distributed everywhere from the big road to the small alley.
  • The billboard is designed in the form of a prominent and impressive broadcast picture frame day and night.
  • The frequency of vehicles running continuously on the road increases the chances of seeing, approaching and making customers remember.
  • The group of customers that the advertisement reaches is numerous, diverse, suitable for many different businesses.
  • Lower advertising costs compared to other types of transportation (bus, taxi, private car).

quảng cáo trên xe máy

4. Implement advertising on motorbike with professional and efficient service of Sixth Sense Media

The motorcycle advertising service exploited by Sixth Sense Media is currently associated with many car manufacturers such as: advertising on Grab, Be, Go Viet motorcycles, … All are big and reputable car manufacturers. We have conducted research and actual surveys.

To create the highest convenience for investors, Sixth Sense operates a full service. Which includes all utility support services such as consulting, design, construction, acceptance and warranty. Each advertising vehicle has a commitment to the number of operational kilometers and GPS navigation for the business to manage every month.

For any detailed information you are interested in about the service, please contact us immediately for a detailed, fast consultation at:

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