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Wanting to enhance the value and affirm the position of the brand and product quickly to the masses, investors should definitely not ignore billboard advertising and advertising panel!

Being one of the advertising means with a long history of forming, but the position and position that the advertising panel as well as outdoor billboard create is undeniable. In many countries around the world and even in Vietnam, large billboards are still the first choice that businesses choose in their communication campaigns.

1. Pano, advertising billboard is what?

These are the types of sea printed with Hiflex canvas, with a frame system, iron pillars to support the sea in crowded places. The sea has large size ranging from 50m²-250m² depending on regulations, the actual location of the sea. However, between outdoor billboards and outdoor billboards, there will be some certain differences as follows:

1.1. Billboard advertising

The billboard is a one-pillar billboard with the structure including: concrete pillars, iron support and Hiflex canvas. This type of sea usually has a large area, located at the foot of the overpass, intersection, and places with large construction areas outside of urban areas.

billboard quảng cáo

1.2. Outdoor advertising Pano

Panel billboards are large wall panels, usually placed on the side or front of buildings, buildings. The advantage when making advertising panels is the ability to save urban land, the structure is more minimalistic, including only the iron frame system to support the wall and the advertising canvas.

Pano quảng cáo

2. Why are billboards, billboards for outdoor advertising popular?

Among many advertising means in the market and the competition from online advertising forms, outdoor billboards, namely billboards and billboards, still have steady growth. It is thanks to the “undeniable” advantages such as:

  • The large size of the sea easily attracts the attention of the viewer quickly.
  • Outdoor billboards are located in crowded areas, keeping high and continuous traffic.
  • Communication ability lasts 24/24, outstanding whether it is day or night.
  • High pressure and especially suitable for traffic conditions in Vietnam, attracting more during red light stop, traffic congestion.
  • Display and attract millions of customers with different shopping needs.
  • Build and increase brand positioning, products in the market.

Pano quảng cáo có đèn chiếu sáng nên vẫn nổi bật ngay cả khi trời tối

3. How much does it cost to rent large billboards?

Outdoor billboards are defaulted as expensive media and seem to be available only to large businesses with a large budget. However, the actual cost that makes this type of advertising vehicle such a high price depends on the outdoor advertising position.

When you choose a location for a beautiful advertising panel in the city center, or billboard advertising at the intersection, near the airport, of course, the rental cost is not cheap. The rental price of outdoor billboards in big cities is definitely higher than that in small and medium cities. The cost can range from a few tens of millions to hundreds of millions, even billions of dong depending on the location, the specific number of billboards.

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4. Beautiful outdoor billboard templates

Các mẫu biển quảng cáo ngoài trời đẹp

Các mẫu biển quảng cáo ngoài trời đẹp

Các mẫu biển quảng cáo ngoài trời đẹp

Các mẫu biển quảng cáo ngoài trời đẹp

Các mẫu biển quảng cáo ngoài trời đẹp

5. Attention to remember when using billboards outdoors

On average, each person only has 5-7 seconds to see, read and remember about outdoor billboards. Therefore, when choosing to do outdoor panel advertising, billboard advertising, pay attention to the following issues so that your billboard will be in the best effect.

  • Billboard location: Choosing the location of the signboard based on traffic volume, traffic around the area, clear, unobstructed view, the billboards are accessible from many directions, so the priority is.
  • Design of billboard: The billboard layout needs to be clear, the image is simple and prominent so that viewers can see and understand at first impressions..
  • Color: Outstanding color, contrast is considered the key to attract the most effectively. Make sure that the image, as well as your message and text stand out against the sea.
  • Message: Only use short, impressive 7-word slogans so that readers can quickly memorize. Of course, fonts should also be straight, bold, easy to see, avoid using artistic words, difficult to see.
  • Coverage: 1 sign is not enough to create success, so make sure you have a budget of 3-5 billboards in a campaign, choose billboard and advertising panel..

6. Sixth Sense Media’s services for renting and constructing a large plate in Vietnam

Having more than 10 years working in the field of outdoor advertising, accumulating many experiences from hundreds of successful large and small projects, let Sixth Sense Media be the “wing” unit for the success of the business. friend!

Sixth Sense Media currently has more than a thousand positions for billboard installation, billboard advertising across 63 provinces. The locations that we rent out outdoor billboards have all been surveyed, ensuring all the conditions of high traffic volume, sweeping views with lots of billboards with 2-3-dimensional advertising space.

7. The process of making billboards, outdoor advertising panels

With the desire to bring the highest satisfaction in each project, Sixth Sense provides a full service to investors:

  • Consulting, planning appropriate advertising.
  • Survey, study the actual marine placement.
  • Advertising maquette design.
  • Execute quickly.
  • Marine warranty during the campaign.

If you want to make outdoor billboards, billboards, billboards, please contact us directly for advice at:

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