quang cao sieu thi

Since 2015, Sixth Sense Media has started researching and establishing systems of office buildings, shopping centers, supermarkets as well as continuously updating and deploying more advertising services done here.

Building areas, supermarkets, are places with a large number of potential customers, with large and diverse shopping needs. Promotion of products and brands here not only helps increase sales but also contributes to enhancing brand value.

Here are the buildings and supermarkets that are covered by Sixth Sense’s advertising service system!

Advertising services in the supermarket building

Advertising LCD - Frametrong elevator

Advertising on stand-up displays, ceiling mounted screens, and elevator wall panels in extremely high resolution. The advertising image and video are displayed vividly and impressively, attracting high attention from viewers.

quảng cáo trong thang máy
quảng cáo wifi marketing tại siêu thị

Wifi Marketing

With the ability to connect and access all users in the building area, this is an extremely smart approach. There is no inconvenience or annoyance to the phone user.

Advertising on the escalator

Create large banners, billboards in the building campus, supermarket, main hall or crowded area. As a result, the advertising achieves continuous display efficiency, increasing efficiency to reach customers.

quảng cáo thang cuốn
K-Food quảng cáo trên hệ thống xe đẩy siêu thị Lotte Mart

Advertising on supermarket trolleys

The form of mobile advertising with a 2-sided banner in the shopping cart creates a multi-dimensional communication space. Advertising is even more effective when trolleys are items that most people use, with a large density appearing throughout supermarkets and shopping centers.

POSM Advertising

Various forms of display from small to large such as: standee, poster, flyer, advertising booth, … Advertisements are arranged in easy-to-see, conspicuous positions, scattered throughout buildings, supermarkets, do not miss any guests.

Hộp đèn quảng cáo siêu thị

Advertising light box

Advertising light boxes with diverse sizes, are installed in the entrance area or inside the lobby. Billboards with the ability to “shine” at any time whether it is day or night.

Advertising portal to the supermarket

Ad format with large, impressive size, placed right in the entrance area to attract the attention of all users to supermarkets and shopping centers. The way to quickly build and increase attention, strong awareness about products and brands.

cổng chào quảng cáo siêu thị
quảng cáo cổng từ siêu thị

Advertising on the door from the supermarket

Advertising posters are stuck on both sides of the door, located in the area near the cashier’s counter, in the lobby where all customers and building staff pass by. Advertising time lasts while waiting for payment, staff card check in and out.

Advertising on ceiling

Impressive and prominent large form of advertising in shopping centers. Ads are dropped from above and get the same attention of consumers who are shopping and traveling on different floors.

quảng cáo thông tầng siêu thị
Quảng cáo tại điểm trông giữ xe

Advertise in parking spots

Advertising is shown in the form of: advertising standee, banner, billboard with small size wall, garage pillar or ceiling hanging. Most of the customers who come to your building or supermarket will visit this area and will see your ad.

Advantages of indoor advertising


1000 buildings, supermarkets, shopping centers are linked to advertising


Package advertising service, commitment to quality and warranty


High discount prices, attractive promotions

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