Truck Advertisingquảng cáo trên xe tải

Advertising on a truck is a way to communicate that is both smart, effective and economical. Using the main means of transporting goods every day, now businesses can combine more to promote their image, quickly spread the brand to the community.

1. What is truck advertising?

Trucks are known to transport goods for businesses and companies. In addition to large trucks on highways and highways, many units also use small and medium trucks to deliver goods in the inner city. Taking advantage of this, the media quickly created the form of truck tank advertising.

As the name implies, the entire empty area on the sides and back of the truck will be used for advertising. The most common form today is truck decal stickers. The decal will be glued directly to the vehicle’s trunk or with vehicles with an uneven surface, the construction team will shoot on a thin layer of corrugated iron to make the maquette smooth and most beautiful.

In addition, in the world, many businesses have turned the truck barrel into a unique mobile advertising led screen. However, this form is still quite rare in Vietnam, usually only for use in truck roadshow campaigns, making a strong impression on products and brands.

quảng cáo trên xe tải

2. Why should we use advertising on truck bodies?

Most of the time in Vietnam, businesses often take advantage of small trucks to deliver goods and make advertisements. Even the advertising truck rental companies will also make use of them to transport, combine “one job”, save costs.

That is why the effects and benefits from the truck advertising service are more pronounced and impressive as:

  • Square trunks create impressive mobile billboards on the street.
  • Advertising is shown on all 3 sides to create the optimal communication space, increasing the number of customers reaching as much as possible.
  • The roadmap for the advertising vehicle to be operated is decided by the investors and enterprises.
  • Small trucks are allowed to circulate in the inner city and inner city areas with an unrestricted frequency for advertising.
  • The cost of advertising on the truck is not too high, and can be used to add to other shipping purposes of the business.

quảng cáo trên xe tải

3. Some related issues to know when advertising trucks

In order to use truck advertising properly, effectively, and fully utilize the available advantages of this service, investors need to know:

  • Advertising trucks do not require an advertising license.
  • No advertising on the front, back, on the roof of the truck.
  • Advertising decal must not stick more than 50% of the area of each side that is allowed to be advertised.
  • Should use small and medium trucks to be able to operate in central areas of provinces and cities.
  • Unique creative maquette design but must have a clear layout, ensuring the highest viewing and reading rate even when the customer is on the go.

4. Sixth Sense Media full package and professional truck advertising service

Always exploiting new and unique advertising forms, Sixth Sense Media has long introduced truck advertising services to investors. In addition to car stickers and advertising, we also support businesses to rent cars at affordable prices from reputable suppliers.

Hiện tại, Sixth Sense Media đang có mức chiết khấu rất tốt cho dịch vụ quảng cáo trên thùng xe tải, mời quý khách liên hệ ngay với bộ phận hỗ trợ trực tuyến của chúng tôi để được giải đáp nhanh chóng!

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