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Sixth Sense Media rents and provides pedestrian advertising services with hundreds of beautiful locations nationwide. High traffic volume, beautiful, eye-catching display ads and attractive discounts, please contact Hotline: 0934 519 516 for detailed advice!

1. Characteristics of the pedestrian flyover system in the provinces and cities

Pedestrian bridges are familiar traffic construction works that appear in urban centers and big cities. Pedestrian bridges ensure safety, helping users to cross the street easily.

For many foreign tourists to Vietnam, crossing the street used to be a “terrible obsession” for them. So now, the pedestrian bridge has solved this situation.

Pedestrian overpass system has been built across the provinces: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Can Tho, … Pedestrian bridges are installed on the main roads and roads with density. crowded vehicles. The spacious bridges with a protective dome system are highly appreciated from both residents and tourists coming here.

To promote the attraction of socialized capital, improve the quality of bridges, the advertising scheme on pedestrian bridges has been adopted by many provinces and cities. In the situation where billboards and billboards are gradually scarce, pedestrian bridges have created the ideal communication places for businesses.

quảng cáo trên cầu đi bộ

2. Advertising service on the pedestrian bridge

The pedestrian bridge advertising service is exploited in the form of placing billboards outside the bridge wall. Instead of the usual Hiflex billboards, billboards on the pedestrian bridges are produced in a luxurious and eye-catching format with more premium materials..

The billboard has an outer frame made of stainless steel, the surface of the billboard printed with 3M Film technology for a sharper and more dynamic display. Inside, there is an additional installation of high-end LED lights for normal lighting from 6pm to 23pm daily.

quảng cáo trên cầu đi bộ

3. The outstanding advantage of the pedestrian bridge billboard

Talking about the display position, the advertisement on the pedestrian bridge possesses a high, airy view, placed on the roads with high traffic volume and extremely large reach..

About advertising time, The pedestrian bridge is usually located near the intersection area, at the end of the range, the speed of the vehicle is quite slow due to the impact of traffic congestion. And this is a golden time for billboards to attract special attention to users. While waiting for the red light, when traffic delays between traffic, a beautiful design on the pedestrian bridge will receive a warm welcome!

In terms of customer traffic, pedestrian bridge advertising can generate hundreds, even thousands, of views, especially in big cities. In the form of outdoor billboards, with non-stop communication 24/24, everyone circulating on the route where the bridge is placed can see your ad..

4. Search for a company that provides a reputable and professional pedestrian bridge advertising service

Specializing in researching and developing reputable outdoor advertising services for more than 10 years, pedestrian bridge advertising officially “joined” Sixth Sense Media. Realizing this is a potential service, we have researched and built a system of flyovers with advertising installed in many different provinces and cities nationwide..

Advertising services on the pedestrian bridge are consulted and implemented by Sixth Sense, committed to quality and warranty to all investors. For details of advertising quotes and the specific location of each bridge, please contact us immediately:

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