Sixth Sense Media is a provider of innovative and comprehensive airport advertising solutions since 2009. Diversified forms, full-service services, advertising are spread on major airports, with brand name reaching out international!

Why should you choose the method of advertising communication at the airport?

Airport is considered the gateway to a province, city and a country. Every day, this place welcomes tens of thousands of domestic and international visitors, becoming an ideal environment for marketing and communication, advertising.

In Vietnam, the famous airports include: Noi Bai, Tan Son Nhat, Da Nang, Cat Bi, Lien Khuong, … The group of customers advertising in the airport is diversified and rich, in which special customers must be mentioned. customer segment with high income.

In a spacious and spacious space, with an hour-long waiting time for check-in, this is a golden time for products and brands to appear in sight and make customers remember!

quang cao san bay 1
quang cao san bay 7

Advantages of advertising in the airport

– 80% of customers pay attention to airport advertising, of which 42% remember them.
– Increasing aesthetics, honoring brand name in a luxurious advertising space.
– The time customers spend with long advertising is inevitable!
– The group of customers approaching a large, diverse and rich potential.
– Increasing value, bringing the brand to international reach.


Noi Bai Airport

Ga đi quốc tế Nội Bài với thiết kế ấn tượng, sang trọng

Sai Gon Aiport

quảng cáo sân bay Tân Sơn Nhất

Da Nang Airport

sân bay đà nẵng

Cam Ranh Airport

sân bay Cam Ranh


Advertising on luggage trolleys

The form of mobile advertising, spreading product image and branding appears at all locations in the airport. Large number of trolleys, long contact time, present at anytime, anywhere, advertising reaches maximum reach to customers.

Quảng cáo trên xe đẩy sân bay
quang cao san bay 6

Advertising light box at the airport

Advertising light boxes with many sizes, arranged in crowded places: outside lobby, check-in counters, luggage conveyors, … Advertising displays prominently and impressively at all times. point of the day with impressive lighting system inside.

Airport advertising screen

The advertising screens attract viewers while waiting for check-in and waiting for boarding with pictures and videos. Advertising screens are used in many sizes and formats: large LED advertising screens, stand-up LCD screens, elevator wall LCD screens, …

quang cao san bay 2
quang cao san bay 4

Advertising wifi marketing at the airport

Connecting with customers via wireless Internet network covering the airport, advertising is displayed in many formats: images, videos, sharing on social networks, collecting customer information, … Survey information collected after the project is the basis for building up the serial communication campaigns more accurately and effectively.

Pano, billboard advertising at the airport

Large billboard with impressive height, is a means to build and affirm the brand’s class. The billboard, billboard can be in the form of a single-sided or 3-sided signboard on the entrance to the airport, large wall-mounted panels or ceiling-mounted panels inside the airport.

quang cao san bay 3
quang cao san bay 5

Advertising bus in the airport

Airport bus advertisements are mobile billboards that reach not only passengers on the bus, but also users in the waiting area of the plane. The advertisement for the bus is filled with glass with outstanding visibility and attraction.

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