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With the undeniable appeal of the king sport, football field advertising has the ability to connect brands with millions of customers. Which includes not only viewers sitting on the field, but also millions of spectators watching the match via television, newspapers.

1. The potential to develop football pitch advertising services in Vietnam

The resurgence of the football village in Vietnam can be seen clearly from the last months of 2017. The Vietnamese team’s resounding achievements in the international arena, becoming Asia’s U23 Asian Cup Runner-up 2018 is like a boom. Again the fire in the hearts of home country fans.

Now, in the football matches, one can see the spectacle filled with the audience. The players came out in the cheers of tens of thousands of fans and watched from millions of spectators through the small screen. Not only that, even the media and fans in the region, along with many international audiences also gave endless praise and attention to Vietnamese football.

With all those positive signals, the football field advertising market is really boiling again. If in the past, this “advertising playground” was only for very big brands and international brands, now hundreds of Vietnamese businesses have started to see opportunities for themselves.!

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2. Features of football field advertising service

The advertising placement of the football field has been carefully researched and deployed by the media. For effective advertising performance, commonly used forms include:

  • POSM (banners, banners, standee…): The small form of advertising is placed in the entrance area, on the stands or near the football field.
  • Billboard football field: Advertising billboards are installed around the football field or hung on the large-sized stands with high attractiveness and prominence. There are 2 types of panel: Hiflex canvas print panel and LED billboard.
  • Other forms: Advertising on football tickets, branding on player shirts, press conference materials, media,…

biển quảng cáo sân bóng đá

quảng cáo sân bóng đá

3. The benefits of using advertising at a football field

Overcoming the framework only in the field, football field advertising brings communication efficiency with a rapid spread when:

  • Longtime continuous access time: Football field billboards appeared and attracted the fans’ attention in the stands during the match. Especially during the break before, between and after the game is when the attention will be focused on these billboards and promotional items.
  • Ads appear on television: Usually, the matches are recorded live and broadcast on television. During the 90 minutes of competition, the billboards will continuously “fall” into the lens. This helps businesses to invest in television completely free!
  • Ads appear in newspapers: In addition to filming, the work of field reporters also creates many special opportunities for businesses. The advertisement for the football field appeared in the newspapers was once more promoted and propagated.
  • Attract a group of foreign customers: As mentioned above, the audience interested in football now is not only Vietnamese people but also international friends. If you want to raise your brand name beyond national borders quickly, choose to advertise in a football field!

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4. Advertise the football field with a professional, all-in-one service from Sixth Sense Media

Football field advertising is not a new service, but it is not high to talk about the growth rate and the number of exploitation units. Staying ahead of all the latest advertising trends, Sixth Sense Media is proud to be one of the pioneers in exploiting this service!

We exploit and provide advertising services for football field packages, consult and support investors to deploy campaigns in accordance with the most economical cost.

All detailed information about the service invite you to contact us directly:

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