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1. What is advertising on the bus?

Advertising on the bus is like a mobile advertising panel on the street, a large advertising area that easily impresses pedestrians, the advantage of this form is that it directly affects the sight of passengers When exposed to advertising, there are many forms of advertising for this type.

Bus advertising is divided into two categories:Advertisements outside the bus and ads inside the bus

2. What are the types of advertising on the bus?

In order for you to better understand the form of advertising on the bus, we will introduce in detail each form of advertising that is used regularly today.

2.1 – Advertising outside the bus

Advertising on the bus body is a form of using large banners (glossy, matte and mesh decal) glued to the sides of the bus with an area not exceeding 50% of the total area of ​​the two sides side bus.

Advertising outside the bus will be based on the actual area of each vehicle, the popular advertising vehicles are B40, B60 and B80 corresponding to the number of seats in the car (including standing seats) is 40 seats. , 60 seats and 80 seats. As I said above, there are 3 main forms of advertising on the bus side. The current advertising form we are implementing is Body, Die-cut and Full Glass.

2.11 – The form of advertising on the side of the car (Body)

This form of advertising has a limited area of height from the bottom edge of the glass window to the underbody and from the rear edge of the front to the middle of the rear wheel, the average area of 1 advertisement side is from 4m to 7m depending on the vehicle type..

  • Advantages This is a form of advertising that is easy to apply and highly durable.

Ống nhựa Stroman quảng cáo trên xe bus Bắc Giang

2.12 – The form of advertising in the form of glass climbing (Die-cut)

The form of die-cut advertising is a combination of a body ad and an image that will be glued to the glass (the height does not exceed 60% of the car’s glass). The material glued on the glass is a mesh decal that helps the occupant of the car to still observe the outside scene if traveling by bus. The average area of one side of this form of advertising is from 6.5m to 8m, depending on the height and length of the vehicle and is not allowed to exceed 50% of the total area of the two sides of the vehicle (including glass).

  • The advantages of this form of advertising are eye-catching, easy to impress viewers, moderate advertising costs, large advertising area. This is a form of advertising done in Hanoi, Da Nang city routes and some other provinces.
  • The downside of this method is that not all bus routes can be deployed, depending on the regulations of each local department.

báo giá quảng cáo trên xe bus

2.13 – Advertising form full glass

Full-glass advertising form (only applicable to bus routes in Ho Chi Minh City) This form of advertising has the scope calculated from the top border of the car glass and body. The average advertising area of this form of advertising is from 9m / 1 side to 10m / 1 side of the car depending on the type of vehicle and the scope to be advertised, but must not exceed 50% of the total area of the vehicle. bus.

  • The advantage of this form of advertising is that it has a large advertisement area, easily impresses on-passers who can see the advertisement, and the frequency of operation of each bus is high. Decal on the glass is a mesh decal so it does not affect the visibility of the occupants in the car.
  • Disadvantage: The cost is higher than other advertising forms

Chiến dịch quảng cáo trên xe bus của Vietnamobile tại TPHCM

2.2 – Advertisement inside the bus

The advertisements inside the car have various forms of advertising such as Poster, Frame, Banner with small sizes, but the most popular form today is the advertisement on the bus handle to easily reach potential customers. in traffic by bus.

2.21 – Advertising form on the bus handle

This is the form of advertising most chosen by many businesses in the types of advertising inside the bus, because of the direct impact in holding the handle when people join the traffic by bus. Currently, Sixth Sense Media is providing 2 main forms of handle advertising: 2D handle and 3D handle. The number of advertising handles on the bus will range from 25-40 units depending on the type of vehicle such as B40, B60, B80, the larger the car, the more advertising handles..

The form of advertising handle 2D, 3D

Advertising 2D bus handle Advertising 3D bus handle
quảng cáo tay cầm xe bus 2d quảng cáo tay cầm xe bus 3d

2.22 – Frame advertising form, Poster in bus

This is a form of advertising on frames available, with the size 30cm x 60cm, this form of advertising is also used by many businesses to advertise their products.

3. The process of implementing advertising on the bus:

Quy trình ký kết hợp đồng và triển khai quảng cáo của SSM

4. Table of advertising prices on the bus

FORM Size/ 1 side
Cost 1 month
Cost 3 month
Cost 6 month
Cost 12 month
Advertisement on the bus body (Body) 4 – 7 14,800,000 – 18,800,000 22,500,000 – 26,500,000 38,800,000 – 42,500,000 58,800,000 – 63500000
Advertising bus climbing glass (die-cut) 6-8 25,500,000 – 28,500,000 42,500,000 – 49,500,000 75,500,000 – 82,500,000 130,800,000 – 142,600,000
Full glass bus advertisement 8-10 49,600,000 – 52,400,000 108,000,000 – 112,000,000 178,000,000 -182,000,000 330,000,000 – 336,000,000
Advertising on the handle in the bus 25cm x 15cm x x 20,000,000 – 28,000,000 38,000,000 – 43,000,000
Advertising Frame Poster in bus 25cm x 50cm x x 32,000,000 – 38,000,000 46,000,000 – 52,000,000

*Note: The quotation is for reference only to get a detailed quote please contact us

contact us 1

5. Ad regulations on the bus

To better understand the regulations on advertising on vehicles in general and advertising on buses in particular, including 2 main parts, which are clearly specified in Official Dispatch No. 2310 / BVHTTDL-VHCS and Law on Advertising No. 16 / 2012 / QH13 is stipulated in Article 32 of the Law on Advertising effective from January 1, 2013 up to now.

5.1 – Clause b, Official Letter No. 2310 / BVHTTDL-VHCS dated June 24, 2013 of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism notes with the following content::

  1. b) From January 1, 2013, the licensing of advertising on boards, signs, banners, screens placed in public places, luminescent objects, aerial objects, underwater objects, and vehicles shall be annulled. and other mobile objects are replaced with the procedures for receiving advertisement contents on advertisement boards and banners. Therefore, according to the provisions of the Law on Advertising, fees are not collected for the procedure of receiving advertisement content on billboards and banners.”

5.2 – Article 32 of the Law on Advertising clearly stipulates the range of advertising allowed based on the size of a vehicle as follows:

“1 – Advertising on traffic means must comply with the provisions of this Law and the traffic law.

2 – Advertisement products must not be displayed on the front, back and roof of vehicles. The advertising products must not exceed 50% of the permitted area for advertising of means of transport. The display of logos, logos and symbols of the vehicle owner or the vehicle company on the means of traffic must comply with the traffic laws.”

Thus, with Clause b of the official letter No. 2310 / BVHTTDL-VHCS and Article 32 of the law on advertising on vehicles, we can understand that: There is no need to apply for an advertising license but must have an advertisement notice advertising is organized locally and there is no advertising notification fee.

6 – How to advertise on the bus?

In order for an advertisement to be aesthetically pleasing and durable, there are 2 important factors that affect the ad gluing process, including:

6.1 – Select bus decal material

To make advertising stickers on the bus, decal and material are important factors that affect the durability of the ad. There are many types of decal that will easily leave glue on the car, some are too thin to be able to apply for penetration or have a fast color fading….

With more than 10 years of experience, we always put the quality of products and services on top and we are experienced in choosing advertising materials to make your advertising image durable with time and weather. But the advertising for a long time (12 months) will be hard to avoid the discoloration of the decal and the edges may peel off, so we will replace the advertising fee domain for you when you advertise from 12 months above.

6.2 – Technique of sticking decal on the bus

Ad decal stickers on the bus will have 2 forms of advertising, including: water paste and dry paste.

6.21 – Water decal paste technique:

Use water to wet the surface of the bus to be stuck on and then put the advertising marquette on that area.

– The advantage of this water decal sticker technique is fast, easy to adjust if the decal is misaligned during the pasting process

– Cons: Easy to peel off the edge of decal if you don’t claw the water well, it takes a long time to dry, especially in winter and rainy days.

6.22 – Dry paste technique:

This technique can only be performed by experienced skilled craftsmen.

– Advantages: Fast construction, glue stick to the surface fast, aesthetically, low ability to peel off the edge.

– Disadvantage: Need a skilled gladiator, if not inexperienced, it will easily be wrong and have to print and reapply.

With a team of experienced construction staff, we have successfully implemented many advertising campaigns on buses before. Commit to dry paste 100%!

Please see some more advertising projects on buses we have implemented :

If you have a need to advertise on the bus, please contact us to receive advice on the price list of advertising costs and advertising services on the bus.


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