Market signs “hit” strongly and focus on the market with huge consumption power. Not only branding, this advertising medium has the ability to immediately impact on consumers’ immediate shopping behavior here

1. Is the market the ideal market for advertising?

According to a survey in Vietnam, 47% of users still appreciate the importance of traditional markets and people’s markets. Although the urbanization rate is getting faster and faster, from big cities to small and medium cities, there is nowhere to lack the shadow of markets.

With a variety of goods, the market attracts hundreds of consumers to shop every day. Even large markets, travel markets can serve thousands of domestic and international customers. And especially, all customers who come to the market will definitely spend a little or more shopping!

The daily habits of people going to the market are the premise for the media to pay attention and develop advertising models at the market. In particular, billboard advertising is considered a solution to quickly attract users, “show off” strong brands and products.

2. What is billboard advertising?

Market billboards, is a form of large wall panels that are very familiar. But instead of lying on the side of high-rise buildings in the street, these billboards are located directly in front of the market gate area, the exterior of the wall for large-scale high-rise markets.

Advertising Pano is designed with a sturdy iron frame system clad to the wall, the sea surface is highly durable Hiflex, but the price is quite cheap. Billboards have sizes ranging from 15m²-50m².

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3. Advantages of advertising marine market panels

Market advertising is not only limited to paneling panels, but it is the form that is most noticed and used. Of course all come from the outstanding advantages that market advertising offers.

  • Display location: Advertising is usually located right on the outside, the entrance to the market gate. Located in a rather high position, this advertisement panel attracts both people walking in the market and nearby traffic participants..
  • The ability to attract: With its large size, eye-catching colors, impressive design, the billboard immediately makes a strong impression. This makes viewers quickly notice and remember your product and brand.
  • Group of customers approaching: Not only housewives, the group of customers coming to the market is much more numerous and diverse. Therefore, products of household appliances, refrigeration, food, health care … can be effective communication here.
  • Acting quickly: The biggest advantage of billboard advertising is the ability to influence consumers’ immediate shopping decisions. Whether or not there is a need, when you make the suggestion, they find it appropriate and the shopping is done quickly in the same market..
  • Cost savings: Compared to the types of panels, billboards in the city center, provincial capital, billboard ads are priced at about only.

Quảng cáo biển chợ

4. A few notes to remember for marketing campaigns

  • Surveying and selecting markets with a large and stable number of consumers.
  • Location of billboards without obstructions, wide and broad visibility.
  • Pay attention to the quality of sea canvas, take measures to treat immediately when discoloration or failure.
  • Advertising license is required when implementing this service.

5. Sixth Sense Media’s professional national billboard advertising and rental service

Growing and growing from providing advertising services on traditional media over the past 10 years, Sixth Sense Media is confident to be the partner every business needs in the upcoming billboard advertising campaign!

Currently, we have been associated and owned more than 500 placements across major markets nationwide in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Hai Phong, Da Nang, Vinh, Nam Dinh, … is carried out a package, supporting investors from consulting, design to construction and marine warranty.

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