Led screen advertisingquảng cáo trên màn hình led ngoài trời

Advertising on outdoor LED screens has appeared in developed countries for a long time, but has only been available in Vietnam for 2 to 3 years.

1. What is outdoor LED display advertisement?

Advertising on outdoor LED screens is a form of advertising using large-sized LED screens used to display high-resolution, video, image ads located in places with wide viewing angles and crowded people. back and forth like an intersection, red light green light area. The special feature of this form is the animated advertisement instead of the static image like the traditional panels.

There are 2 factors that affect the quality of outdoor advertising images:

  • Sharp brightness (no blowout)
  • Resistant to weather (sunshine, rain, …)

quảng cáo trên màn hình led ngoài trời

2. Types of outdoor advertising LED screens (outdoor): Specifications and principles of operation

The outdoor LED screen (Outdoor) has a large area, based on the actual area of the location where the screen is located will be correspondingly sized. Currently, there are popular types of outdoor LED screens such as: P4, P5, P6, P8, P10. The outdoor LED screens using IP65 technology are water resistant, resistant to heat at high temperatures, save electricity and super sharp images.

  • Outdoor P4 led screen (outdoor) full color:

The P4 LED screen uses a super bright, clear Led bulb that does not glare under the impact of sunlight, users can easily follow the advertisement content. Pixel pitch is 4mm apart.

  • P5 outdoor LED screen (outdoor) full color:

Vivid image quality, capable of converting format files to many different formats, arranging slideshows by time. Pixel pitch is 5mm apart.

  • Led screen P6 outdoor (outdoor) full color:

Outdoor P6 Led screen has high durability, sharp image even when standing at a long distance. Resistant to windy weather, suitable for all outdoor spaces. Pixel pitch is 6 mm apart.

  • Outdoor P8 Led screen (outdoor) full color:

P8 Led screen is often used in events, outdoor stages, stadiums, because of its outstanding image quality. Pixel pitch is 8mm apart

  • Led screen outdoor P10 (outdoor) full color:

Outdoor P10 Led screen (outdoor) has extremely high durability, horizontal viewing angle up to 120 degrees, Led bulb life up to 100000h. Low power consumption helps to save maximum costs, suitable for advertising in large buildings, supermarkets, streets.…

quảng cáo trên màn hình led ngoài trời

2.1. General specifications outdoor led screen (Outdoor)

Pixel distance (mm) P3, P4, P5, P6, P8, P10
Maximum brightness (nit) 5000 – 8000 cd/ m2
Lifespan (hours) 100000
Contrast 10.000:1
Scanning frequency 5000
Size of outdoor advertising LED screen Size will be customized based on the range of ad installation at each location.

2.2. Principles of outdoor LED display advertising activities

Outdoor LED screen advertising works in the form of rotation with an average time of 30 seconds / spot. Total advertising time in 1 day from 16 – 18h / day.

Ví dụ: Customers advertise an average of 30 seconds / spot over a period of 7 days with a day’s advertising time of 1 hour / day, on average 1 day your ad will appear 120 spots ie in 7 days of advertising images. 840 Spot will appear.

*Note:Advertising frequency is still based on the budget that customers can pay but at least 1 advertising plan per week.

3. Advantages of advertising on outdoor LED screens

3.1. Easy to manage advertising campaigns

Displaying ads with multiple content requires a data management software for each separate ad campaign, so advertising data is much easier because you will know how much it costs. How my ad is operated and displayed during the advertising process.

3.2. Measure the number of people who reach ads

At each place where the outdoor advertising LED screen is located, a face detection camera is installed to measure the advertising traffic, thereby assessing the quality of the advertisement will be assessed specifically from the data measure traffic.

3.3. Change ad content easily

The use of multiple advertising file formats such as MP4, JPG, AVI, VCD, DVD, Slide, … … helps to easily convert the ad content quickly and conveniently, without wasting too much time for dismantling and executing advertising like traditional panel advertising.

3.4. The animated ad images are easy to attract people interested

Dynamic advertising images are a prominent feature of the form of advertising on outdoor LED screens, vivid and sharp images that make it easy to attract people to approach.

4. Limit advertising on outdoor LED screens

4.1. Audio cannot be shown in ads

According to Clause 2, Article 28 of the Law on Advertising 16/2012 / QH13, Vietnam also stated “Sound is not allowed when advertising on outdoor advertising screens”.

4.2. Need to apply for a license

According to Official Dispatch No. 2310 / BVHTTDL-VHCS, the forms of advertising such as Banroll, Wall paneling, advertising on traffic, … do not need to apply for an advertising license but are still required to have procedures to receive content. advertise products to the local cultural department. But in order to construct and install the location and deploy the advertisement on the outdoor LED screen, there must be a complete application file for an advertising license.

To better understand the procedures for applying for advertising licensing, please see more articles:

Procedures and dossiers for licensing outdoor LED display advertising

5. Sixth Sense Media outdoor LED display advertising service

Sixth Sense Media has many years of research and is currently implementing outdoor Led screen advertising services in major cities and provinces across the country such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Nha Trang, Can Tho. , … Our high-end screen systems are installed in fronts of buildings, large shopping centers, along central streets with crowded people.

With over 10 years of experience in the field of outdoor advertising, Sixth Sense is absolutely confident in the quality of each project even the smallest it has to offer. Nice location, classy display, full package construction and dedicated warranty are the most practical commitments we send to businesses who trust and use the services of Sixth Sense Media!

6. Advertising quote on outdoor LED screen

Advertising on outdoor LED screens, although the motion of the image, power consumption, and installation costs is high, the price for advertising on LED screens is not much higher than that of outdoor panel advertising. traditional. An advertising campaign in 1 year with a total duration of 1 hour / day with a duration of 30 seconds / spot, the cost will range from 250,000,000 (VND) to 450,000,000 (VND) depending on each specific position.

For more information on advertising quotes on outdoor LED screens of Sixth Sense Media, please see the quotation:

request quote button ssm

7. Specific factors will influence the advertising price on outdoor LED screens

  • Play time: If the duration of advertising is prolonged, it means that the cost will be higher than the short ad duration
  • Location: Location will have an impact on outdoor LED display advertising prices because each location has a different traffic volume.
  • Frequency: The frequency of your advertisement can be adjusted flexibly, but this is also a factor affecting the cost of outdoor Led screen advertising.

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