Treo băng rôn quảng cáo giới thiệu bộ sưu tập mới của Đông Hải

On the occasion of launching a new collection in 2022, Dong Hai has widely introduced to customers through the outdoor advertising banners in Ho Chi Minh City. The project is implemented at 5 roads around the store location at 481 Truong Chinh, Ward 14, Tan Binh District.

1. Dong Hai launched a new collection in 2022

Dong Hai is known as one of the most famous and oldest leather shoes brands of Vietnam. The store specializes in providing leather shoes and accessories for both men and women. During more than 80 years of establishment and development, Dong Hai has created a reputation, becoming a prestigious address trusted by many customers.

In 2022, Dong Hai launched a collection of leather shoes and leather bags with elegant and trendy design. Products are highly applicable, suitable for use even when going to work or dating, walking the street is also very impressive and attractive.

Dong Hai offers customers genuine leather products, high quality but extremely affordable. Currently, Dong Hai has 10 stores in Ho Chi Minh City and 1 official store in Hanoi.

The newly launched 2022 collection is very focused on the media. Particularly, Dong Hai store at 481 Truong Chinh, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City has launched a campaign to hang advertising banners to introduce the program, attract customers to shop.

Treo băng rôn quảng cáo giới thiệu bộ sưu tập mới của Đông Hải

2. Street Hanging Banner Project for New Collection of Dong Hai in 2022

Dong Hai’s advertising banners are carried out on the roads around its store at Truong Chinh Street. 5 routes selected to hang advertising banners include:

  • Truong Chinh Street
  • Ap Bac Street
  • Cach Mang Thang Tam Street
  • Truong Cong Dinh Street
  • To Hien Thanh Street

These are routes with high traffic density in Ho Chi Minh City. The positions for hanging banners are also carefully researched and surveyed, ensuring advertising properly the vision of the pedestrians.

Treo băng rôn quảng cáo giới thiệu bộ sưu tập mới của Đông Hải

Dong Hai’s advertising design in the vertical rectangular form. Banners are hung along the electric poles, lampposts, trees on both sides of the road. The total number of banners hanging in the whole campaign is more than 100 banners.

Treo băng rôn quảng cáo giới thiệu bộ sưu tập mới của Đông Hải

In order to increase the attention as well as help customers receive information quickly, more clearly, the design of Dong Hai’s banners is quite simple and easy to see. All information that customers need to grasp briefly transmission, just a few seconds to surf on the road is enough to make viewers remember.

Treo băng rôn quảng cáo giới thiệu bộ sưu tập mới của Đông Hải

The banners on the street are quite easy to implement, the cost is not too expensive, suitable for the budget of many businesses.

Treo băng rôn quảng cáo giới thiệu bộ sưu tập mới của Đông Hải


Sixth Sense Media is very happy to have the opportunity to cooperate with Dong Hai in the project of hanging advertising banners in Ho Chi Minh City. As an experienced unit, providing package service, we have supported the brand with the full process including:

  • Surveying, selecting the appropriate route and advertising banners.
  • Support for design and production of banners.
  • Construction of commercial banners quickly.
  • Apply for a license to hang on the street.
  • During the suspended period, there will be a close inspection and supervision staff.
  • Remove when banners are out of time to hang.
  • The report is fully accepted by images at the beginning and the end of the campaign.

If you and your business are also needing to hang advertising banners with the most economical cost, do not hesitate, please contact Sixth Sense Media immediately!

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