Bridgestone tổ chức roadshow quảng cáo tại TPHCM

Bridgestone’s roadshow was launched with the helping of Sixth Sense Media. The cars with the design of Bridgestone traveled through each city’s high traffic roads.

Bridgestone – Top 10 best tire brands in the world

Bridgestone Corporation founded in 1931 in Japan. And this is the brand in the list of 10 famous tire brands with the best quality in the world. In Vietnam, Bridgestone also achieved the Top 10 Sustainable Development Enterprises in the field of Trade and Services for 3 consecutive years.

With the mission of “Serving society with excellent quality”, Bridgestone continuously upgrades and launches environmentally friendly tires. The company continuously provides the market with a wide range of tires, from fuel-efficient, smooth tires to sports tires, SUV-specific tires and Runflat anti-spray tires. Along with many different price segments, Bridgestone almost meets all requirements and pockets of the majority of Vietnamese consumers.

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Bridgestone’s eye-catching and impressive roadshow

In September 2019, Bridgestone sent to customers in Vietnam a huge gratitude event: Buy tires to exchange for attractive gifts. The promotion takes place within 1 month, so it needs to be spread widely and quickly to consumers.

To do this, Bridgestone decided to hold a roadshow continuously for 7 days in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. Bridgestone chose the form of roadshow advertising on 4-seater cars, organized into groups with a number of 10 cars running on the street.

Bridgestone has built a route to run ads on the central roads, with the largest traffic volume of the two cities. Roadshow moved continuously for 4 hours every morning and 3 hours every afternoon.

Selecting peak time frames, Bridgestone’s roadshows received great attention from the public. Since then, Bridgestone’s attractive promotional events have spread more quickly.

1. Bridgestone’s roadshow in Hanoi

2. Bridgestone’s roadshow in Ho Chi Minh City


Sixth Sense Media has been proudly chosen by Bridgestone to promote this roadshow campaign. With many years of experience and excellent staff, we are confident to become a bridge to bring brands closer to customers.

To organize an effective and economical roadshow, contact Sixth Sense Media immediately!

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