Advertising on electric vehicles is bringing positive values to businesses in recent years, moving on a large scale in crowded places like Hoan Kiem Lake, West Lake has promoted the form of advertising. This comes to a new stage.

Although the form of advertising on electric cars is not too new for marketers, it is still an effective advertising channel that brings great value to the corporate brand.

Following the success of the advertising campaign on the bus in Hanoi, Doji continues to carry out an advertising campaign on the tram around Hoan Kiem Lake and West Lake, with the goal of reaching target customers directly and reinforcing try to value brand with the outreach person.

Please see some of the promotional images on the Doji electric scooter by Sixth Sense Media:

Doji quảng cáo trên xe điện tại Hà Nội Doji quang cao tren xe dien tai Ha Noi 3
Doji quang cao tren xe dien tai Ha Noi 2


You are invited to watch more promotional videos on the brand Doji:


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