Quảng cáo Billboard cho Máy điều hòa Ecool

As a new product in the market, in order to better position the brand, the billboard project for Ecool air conditioners has been deployed on two extremely prime highways.

1. About Eco-Air Conditioner

Ecool air conditioners are imported directly from Thailand to Vietnam by Son Ha Group from 2020. A bit late, but Ecool air conditioners very quickly conquered many customers by their preeminent features. .

Ecool air conditioners are manufactured by breakthrough inverter technology from Japan. The outstanding advantages of this machine are:

  • Beautiful design, diverse models.
  • The ability to filter even tiny dust particles should be very safe for human health.
  • Quiet operation, energy saving.
  • Durability is considered by experts to be much higher than previous generations of air conditioners.
  • Ability to connect to wifi with smartphones.

In 2020, Son Ha Group officially entered the air conditioning race in Vietnam by accepting responsibility for the main distribution of the Japanese Ecool air conditioner line. Realizing the many benefits and potentials of this product, Son Ha Group is increasingly developing and promoting the expansion of the Ecool brand in Vietnam.

Máy điều hòa Ecool

2. Advertising billboard campaign for Ecool air conditioners

Son Ha Group continuously promotes advertising campaigns for Ecool air conditioners on many different media channels. Among them, to deploy a long-term campaign with the best brand positioning in the market, the ideal communication channel is billboard advertising.

2.1. 3-sided billboard at Thang Long – Noi Bai highway

The first billboard location that Son Ha chooses to advertise Ecool air conditioners is located at the intersection of Thang Long – Noi Bai highway, crossing National Highway 2. This is also the intersection in the direction of moving to Noi Bai airport. That’s why the traffic is very heavy.

Quảng cáo Billboard cho Máy điều hòa Ecool

Outstanding 3-sided billboard advertising

Ecool air conditioner’s billboard in this position is a billboard with 3 advertising sides. The total surface area of ​​the billboard to display advertising is up to 420m². In the evening, advertising billboards have lighting systems to support from 18:00 to 22:00 every day.

Quảng cáo Billboard cho Máy điều hòa Ecool

Lighting system works 4 hours/day

The large 3-sided billboard is located at the intersection, so it can catch viewers from many directions, attracting attention from afar. The advertising maquette is presented simply, with a brief slogan about “Ecool smart air conditioner”. Therefore, just 3-5 seconds of short approach is enough for viewers to clearly understand the message that investors need to convey.

Quảng cáo Billboard cho Máy điều hòa Ecool

2.2. 2-sided Billboard at Phap Van – Cau Gie highway

The second billboard position advertising Ecool air conditioner is located on the left side of Phap Van – Cau Gie highway (direction from Phap Van to Cau Gie). This is also one of the key highways with extremely high traffic density every day.

Quảng cáo Billboard cho Máy điều hòa Ecool

Billboard of this Ecool air conditioner has 2 advertising display panels. The large size of the sea with parameters 15m x 8m x 02 sides = 280m² should also be able to attract people on the highway from afar.

Quảng cáo Billboard cho Máy điều hòa Ecool

Billboard advertising has 2 sides to display

The advertising maquette is kept the same at the billboard advertising position on the Thang Long – Noi Bai highway to improve product identification.

Quảng cáo Billboard cho Máy điều hòa Ecool


Sixth Sense Media is pleased to be the rental and implementation partner of billboard advertising projects for Son Ha for 2 years. And this time in the billboard advertising project of Ecool air conditioners, we take care of all stages: design, printing and construction of a package billboard. Billboards are guaranteed throughout the campaign.

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Sixth Sense Media has more than 12 years of experience, owns many beautiful billboard locations nationwide. Along with that, we have a team of experienced workers who will quickly deploy and install large billboards for you quickly, with quality at the most affordable price!

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