Nước mắm Liên Thành dán quảng cáo trên xe taxi Vinasun tại TPHCM

Advertising campaign on Vinasun taxi of Lien Thanh Fish Sauce project used the entire luxury 7-seater taxi system, increasing the display size and enhancing the brand impression.

1. Lien Thanh – The oldest fish sauce brand in Vietnam

Lien Thanh fish sauce brand was born in 1906 and has achieved many great achievements. The products are not only widely sold in the central and southern regions, but also exported to Cambodia and some European countries.

However, the fish sauce market is increasingly competitive. Therefore, in 2005, Lien Thanh was forced to invest in marketing and advertising strategies to once again reposition the brand in the market.

Along with that, the company continuously researches and creates many new, quality and delicious product lines that still retain the unique flavor in every drop of fish sauce. Gradually, consumers began to pay attention and buy more fish sauce products from Lien Thanh.

Currently, Lien Thanh’s products are available in the US, Russia, the Philippines, Japan… Especially, since 2009, Lien Thanh has been granted EU Code and a passport to the European market. This is a valuable opportunity to bring Vietnam’s oldest fish sauce brand to the world.

Nước mắm Liên Thành dán quảng cáo trên xe taxi Vinasun tại TPHCM

2. Advertising campaign on Vinasun Taxi in Ho Chi Minh City for Lien Thanh Fish Sauce

Every year, Lien Thanh fish sauce builds advertising campaigns, introduces new products or positions the brand to the public. In order to reach a large number of users at an affordable cost, Lien Thanh has chosen to advertise on taxis.

Nước mắm Liên Thành dán quảng cáo trên xe taxi Vinasun tại TPHCM

In Ho Chi Minh City, Lien Thanh chose Vinasun as the taxi company to deploy this advertisement. Because this is the largest and most popular taxi company in here. Vinasun has a new vehicle system, the scope of operation is mainly in the city center. This not only ensures that ads are displayed prominently, but also appear in the most crowded areas in Ho Chi Minh City.

The advertising maquette with red highlights appears more impressive on the taxi background with elegant white tones. Lien Thanh’s design is also quite simple, displaying a clear message about natural fish sauce products for customers to immediately notice and remember quickly.

Nước mắm Liên Thành dán quảng cáo trên xe taxi Vinasun tại TPHCM

Nước mắm Liên Thành dán quảng cáo trên xe taxi Vinasun tại TPHCM

Taxi advertising campaigns are very suitable for long-term implementation at exceptionally affordable costs. The frequency of advertising is extended continuously, repeated almost throughout the day on the street. Especially, in a competitive market like Ho Chi Minh City, taxi advertising will avoid unnecessary “clashes” with competitors, so that your brand is always prominent in the eyes of customers.


Sixth Sense Media is a company that deploys an advertising campaign on Vinasun taxis in Ho Chi Minh City that has been selected by Lien Thanh. We are confident to be one of the leading units providing quality and effective taxi advertising packages at the most affordable prices.

With many years of experience, professional staff, we advise and help customers build the most suitable advertising strategies. Besides taxi advertising, Sixth Sense Media also provides many other outdoor advertising services.

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