FE Credit quảng cáo trên xe bus Bình Dương

FE Credit’s bus advertising project was launched in 6 different provinces and cities. This is a long-term advertising campaign to help enhance the brand’s positioning.

1. About FE Credit

The predecessor of FE Credit is the consumer credit division of VP Bank, established in 2010. Until 2014, the company separated to operate separately and became a reputable and safe credit company in Vietnam. Vietnam.

FE Credit’s customers are mainly low-income workers who cannot access loans at commercial banks. By offering many attractive credit packages with low interest rates, FE Credit has helped many people solve financial difficulties with quicker and simpler disbursement conditions and conditions.

During 11 years of establishment and operation, FE Credit’s overarching goal is: Developing safe consumer loan products that are close to people, thereby promoting sustainable and transparent market development. Besides, contributing to repelling “black credit” and enhancing the role of consumer finance companies in Vietnam’s financial system.

FE Credit quảng cáo trên xe bus Hà Nội

Bus advertising in Hanoi of FE Credit

2. Large-scale bus advertising campaign of FE Credit

In order to bring safe credit closer to people, FE Credit has chosen an effective mass communication channel, which is advertising on buses. The bus advertising campaign in 2017 was “played big” by FE Credit on more than 50 buses distributed in 6 provinces and cities: Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang, Can Tho, An Giang, and Binh Duong.

FE Credit quảng cáo trên xe bus Cần Thơ

FE Credit’s bus advertising in Can Tho

FE Credit’s bus advertising campaign runs for 12 months. The selected form of advertising is gluing ultra super king bus advertising in Ho Chi Minh City and advertising on bus bodies in the remaining 5 provinces and cities. With a large display area, FE Credit’s ads quickly impress and make viewers remember.

FE Credit quảng cáo trên xe bus TPHCM

FE Credit’s impressive bus advertising in Ho Chi Minh City

During the long advertising period, FE Credit has made changes to the maquette to both refresh and prevent customers from getting bored.

FE Credit quảng cáo trên xe bus Đà Nẵng

Adverting on buses in Da Nang

FE Credit quảng cáo trên xe bus Bình Dương

Advertising on buses in Binh Duong

FE Credit quảng cáo trên xe bus An Giang

Advertising on buses in An Giang

3. About Sixth Sense Media

Sixth Sense Media is pleased to have the opportunity to cooperate and support FE Credit to deploy a large-scale bus advertising campaign. We have many years of experience and have deployed many campaigns of a similar size. Therefore, we can give the most practical and appropriate advice for the brand.

FE Credit’s bus advertising campaign was conducted simultaneously by Sixth Sense Media in all provinces and cities in a quick time. We meet all aspects of quality, progress to the best cost for customers!

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