Lalamove quảng cáo treo băng rôn ngang banner

Lalamove has launched an advertising campaign with horizontal banners with the message “Accompanying with Vietnamese businesses – Express delivery orders of high-speed trucks”.

Lalamove’s high-speed truck delivery solution:

Lalamove is an urban express delivery application in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi, providing a variety of means of transportation suitable for all delivery and receipt needs with the motto of operation based on criteria of saving, safety and center. In addition to the delivery of motorcycles such as Lala2H and LalaNOW, Lalamove also provides LalaTRUCK delivery service in the form of 500kg Truck & 1 Ton Truck.

Lalamove’s urban high-speed truck delivery service is the most suitable transportation solution for businesses that need to deliver bulky, oversized and oversized goods. Unlike the traditional form, with just a few clicks, Lalamove truck service will immediately respond to your shipping needs quickly and conveniently with extremely reasonable rates.

Lalamove’s banner advertising campaign:

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