Dự án roadshow xe máy cho bệnh viện Medlatec

Medlatec has implemented a motorcycle roadshow project in Hanoi with the aim of introducing and increasing the awareness of home testing services.

1. Medlatec covers home testing services all over Hanoi

In 1996, Medlatec was one of the pioneers in providing home testing services. At this time, the appearance of a completely new service in Vietnam also received many doubts from the people. However, after nearly 30 years, proving the benefits as well as the convenience brought, Medlatec has become the leading name when people want to find home testing services.

Medlatec’s home testing service has many packages from basic to advanced such as: blood count test, blood biochemical test, urinalysis, immunological test, infectious disease test, laboratory test. hepatitis, prenatal screening, cancer screening…

The benefit that the service brings is saving time for customers, quick procedures and support, and cost savings. In particular, Medlatec also established a test results consulting team led by doctors and masters to promptly support customers after receiving results. The time to return results depending on the type of test ranges from 2 to 6 hours.

Received high praise from customers, so far, Medlatec’s home testing service has been expanded. In Hanoi, people in both suburban districts can contact to use the quick home testing service!


2. Motorcycle roadshow project for Medlatec Hospital

For people in the city center, it is no longer strange about Medlatec’s home testing service. But for customers in suburban districts, not many people know about this utility service. And that’s why Medlatec implemented this motorcycle roadshow project.

Dự án roadshow xe máy cho bệnh viện Medlatec

Medlatec’s motorcycle roadshow project took place in 10 days, divided into different parade areas, expanding the media scale. Each convoy includes 10 eye-catchingly decorated vehicles to attract passersby.

The motorcycle roadshow system is the vehicle that Medlatec experts use every day to collect samples for home testing. Motorcycles are decorated, decal stickers synchronized with the prominent display of Medlatec brand.

Dự án roadshow xe máy cho bệnh viện Medlatec

To add attraction, Medlatec chose to put the roadshow flag behind each motorcycle. The roadshow flag used is a flag with an iron frame, maquette printed on specialized PP decal material with high durability, beautiful and clear display colors. The iron frame is firmly fixed at the rear of the motorcycle, the size with the amount of information transmitted is just enough for customers to fully receive the message that Medlatec wants to convey.

Some pictures of the project we have recorded are as follows:

Dự án roadshow xe máy cho bệnh viện Medlatec

Dự án roadshow xe máy cho bệnh viện Medlatec

Dự án roadshow xe máy cho bệnh viện Medlatec

Dự án roadshow xe máy cho bệnh viện Medlatec

Dự án roadshow xe máy cho bệnh viện Medlatec


Sixth Sense Media takes on the role of implementing Medlatec’s entire motorcycle roadshow project. We support brands in matters of: designing and decorating roadshow motorcycles, printing and producing roadshow flags, scheduling and operating convoy operations, legal procedures for roadshow running.

With many years of experience and professional working process, Sixth Sense Media is very pleased to have brought satisfaction to the Medlatec brand after the motorbike roadshow project in Hanoi ended.

If you are interested in the service, need to organize a motorcycle roadshow or any other type of roadshow with the most economical cost, please contact Sixth Sense Media immediately!

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