Roadshow xe bus 2 tầng ra mắt BST Calvin Klein X Jennie (BlackPink)

The double-decker bus roadshow project held in Ho Chi Minh City is part of a series of campaigns to promote the global collection of the muse Jennie (BlackPink) and Calvin Klein.

1. Jennie (BlackPink) tries herself as a designer of Calvin Klein for the first time

Not only a muse, a global brand ambassador, Jennie officially joined the role of designer in Calvin Klein’s new collection. The collection bears her personal imprint and has become more popular than ever so that fans can create “cheap moments” with their idols.

The “Jennie for Calvin Klein” collection includes all 17 items from underwear, jeans to T-shirts, tank tops or denim shirts. If you know Jennie of the popular girl group Black Pink on stage with brilliant costumes, “Jennie for Calvin Klein” reflects the real life style of this personality girl.

Jennie BlackPink

Jennie personally selected the colors for the designs, mainly in favor of gentle and pleasant tones: Lilac (pastel purple), Chalk Blue (gray blue) and Desert (beige tones). The Calvin Klein logo was also customized by Jennie with handwriting. All designs in this collection are focused on maximizing comfort in both style and materials.

With Jennie’s popularity, Calvin Klein has launched a campaign to promote the collection in many countries. And in Vietnam, one of the impressive media campaigns about the “Jennie for Calvin Klein” collection is the double-decker bus roadshow in Ho Chi Minh City.

2. Roadshow double decker bus project for Calvin Klein X Jennie (BlackPink) Collection

With new product launch campaigns, roadshow is considered as one of the leading communication channels. Roadshow has the ability to reach quickly and make a strong impression on mass customers. That is also the reason why Calvin Klein chose the double-decker bus roadshow in the campaign to launch the collection in conjunction with Jennie.

Roadshow xe bus 2 tầng ra mắt BST Calvin Klein X Jennie (BlackPink)

The double-decker bus roadshow project introducing the “Jennie for Calvin Klein” collection was held in Ho Chi Minh City from May 13 to 21, 2023. Calvin Klein has chosen the most central and busiest routes so that the images of his collection can reach the maximum customers.

The collection in collaboration with Jennie this time has a minimalist style, so the advertising maquette on the double-decker bus is also designed accordingly. The entire bus is dressed in a “new coat” of gentle and delicate white tones. The image of the muse Jennie is therefore present more prominently and impressively on both sides of the body and the rear of the bus.

Roadshow xe bus 2 tầng ra mắt BST Calvin Klein X Jennie (BlackPink)

No need to be too fussy, Calvin Klein’s advertising maquette is even quite simple, but with the heat of the idol, it is still enough to attract all the attention. In particular, many Black Pink fans in Ho Chi Minh City also went to the location where the bus passed and stopped to check-in with the idol.

Calvin Klein and Jennie’s double-decker bus roadshow parades on the streets during times of heavy traffic. During 2 weeks, the roadshow took place continuously, the image of Jennie and the Calvin Klein brand quickly made an impression, making viewers especially remember.

>>> See more pictures about the project:

Roadshow xe bus 2 tầng ra mắt BST Calvin Klein X Jennie (BlackPink)

Roadshow xe bus 2 tầng ra mắt BST Calvin Klein X Jennie (BlackPink)

roadshow xe bus 2 tang ra mat bst calvin klein x jennie blackpink 1

Roadshow xe bus 2 tầng ra mắt BST Calvin Klein X Jennie (BlackPink)


Accompanying in this double-decker bus roadshow project of Calvin Klein, Sixth Sense Media takes care of everything from: bus rental, design, printing and decal stickers, roadshow vehicle management. Having the opportunity to cooperate with a big brand like Calvin Klein, in an important event like this, is both an honor and an opportunity for SSM to prove its capabilities.

We are very happy to have successfully completed the double-decker bus roadshow project for Calvin Klein. Wish the brand will grow stronger and in the near future, hope Sixth Sense Media will continue to have the opportunity to accompany Calvin Klein!

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