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Activation is considered a “brick” laying the foundation to build the brand. So what is Activation that is so important? Organizational method and the know-how to create a Brand Activation campaign will be shared by Sixth Sense Media below.

1. What is Activation and what is Brand Activation?

Activation or Brand Activation is a common term in the marketing industry, translated into Vietnamese meaning brand activation. It involves a process of driving and increasing awareness from your consumers to your brand through direct experiences.

Activation is usually held over many days, in well-researched target areas with the potential to reach potential customers of the business. Activation can include many different activities such as: organizing promotions, mini games, distributing free samples, cheerleading PG team, … All for the purpose of attracting attention and interacting. from consumers.

Activation là gì

2. What is the purpose of running Activation in Marketing?

A brand that is not known is a “dead” brand. And Activation is organized to increase the vitality of your brand.

Here, it is not only new brands appearing in the market that recognize the need for Brand Activation. But even well-known businesses in the market still need to have impressive appearances to make customers not forget them.

And the great advantages that Activation brings are:

  • Collect consumer information.
  • Directly grasp the psychology and needs of customers through interacting with them.
  • Reach new groups of customers that may not be in the plan yet.
  • Increasing brand awareness in the market.
  • Save advertising costs with faster and more pronounced efficiency.

Activation là gì

3. Distinguish Activation from Brand Marketing and Event

After understanding what Activation is and its advantages, there should be a small distinction between this concept and Brand marketing and Event. These are two concepts that are often confused and equated with Brand Activation.

3.1. About Activation with Brand Marketing

Both Brand Activation and Brand marketing have brand-oriented intentions. However, Activation is just a small activity in the whole Brand marketing process – branding.

To put it simply, Activation is the initial activity to create attention, increase interaction, thereby boosting customer awareness of the brand. Brand marketing is a regular and continuous process, including a lot of activities such as: market research, customers, advertising, PR, event organization, communication crisis handling,…

3.2. About Activation and Event

Activation Event
Hold time Many days in different locations Take place in 1 day at a specific location
Scale organizations Small, odd, requires few personnel and support equipment. Large, needing large staff, organizational scenario coordinated among many departments.
Customers Individually, go in small groups scattered at different times each day. Concentrated crowdedly
Repair level It is possible to learn from experiences and correct mistakes in the next organization days. It only takes place once, requires high professionalism, cannot be repaired.

**Note: The event compared above is the type of Event held in 1 day, not counting the type of Event in sequence close to the Activation type

4. Forms of running Activation marketing

A lot of people question what Activation is, but in fact, you may have seen them a lot in your life. There are five most popular forms of Activation running today:

4.1. Experiential marketing – Practical experience

There is no way to convince users more quickly than to let them directly experience and use the products or services that you are promoting. In addition to increasing the ability to persuade customers, brands can also listen to feedback directly, thereby improving quality.

Example: For a customer to directly test use a vacuum cleaner at the venue.

4.2. Sampling campaigns – Free trial delivery

This is one of the most common forms of Activation that you will often see. Appearing with booth activation products displaying products in crowded locations, the PG team invited, giving out sample samples for you to experience on the spot or when you go home. That is Sampling campaigns!

This type of Activation is commonly used by brands of food, beverages, cosmetics, …

4.3. In – Store Activation – Activation at the point of sale

The venues where Activation of this type can be held are very diverse, including: shops, agents, supermarkets, shopping centers, markets, festivals, exhibitions, … The expansion of the venue creates more markets. potential, helping the brand to reach a wider variety of customer files. At the same time, the opportunity to persuade and stimulate shopping demand is also higher than ever.

activation la gi 1

Activation of Dien Quang in supermarkets in HCMC is done by Sixth Sense Media

4.4. Promotional marketing

Promotional marketing is a form of activation aimed at many different groups of people such as agents, wholesalers, retailers, direct consumers, … Diverse promotional forms include: lucky draw, sewing rotation lucky, special offers buy 1 get 1 free, loyalty program, …

4.5. Digital marketing campaigns – Activation online

Modern customers besides those who come to buy goods and experience directly are indispensable for online users. Online Activation is geared towards a digital environment, providing a convenient experience that customers do not need to leave the house.

This type of Activation not only saves the cost of renting locations, PG personnel, but also can easily statistic and measure the efficiency more quickly and accurately.

5. What is the secret to organizing an effective activation program?

In Vietnam, Activation is still deployed mainly in the 4 above formats. That is, Activation is held in specific places, reaching and attracting real customers.

Therefore, Sixth Sense Media would like to give some effective ways to organize Activation at the points of sale as follows:

  • Building Activation Platform: Including images, messages, identifiers, and organizational forms to attract and remember customers.
  • Estimated organizational budget to balance suitable for product production, site rental, PG,…
  • Detailed organization plan including: time, place, how to proceed, PG team, banner design, display booth,…
  • Increasing customer experience, attracting with exciting promotions and promotions only available at Activation.
  • Enhance the promotion of the event on other media such as social networks, newspapers, banners,…
Activation là gì

The team of PG, PB plays an important role to attract, create sympathy and guide customers

6. Cost of Activation organization

The budget for Activation is unlimited. That means, depending on your specific budget, you can organize the appropriate Activation activities for your brand.

The cost of the organization running Activation depends on many factors such as:

  • Cost of renting locations: markets, supermarkets, shopping centers,…
  • Processing time
  • Production of advertising products: display booths, leaflets, decorations of counters, shelves, radio speakers, television support, … Cost of hire PG, program management

Therefore, to receive the most accurate quote for your company’s Activation, please leave your request and contact information at:

contact us 1

7. Professional Activation Company – Sixth Sense Media

Sixth Sense Media is a unit specializing in organizing advertising events, Activation Marketing. With many years of experience, industry insight, as well as special relationships in media, we bring a full package of Activation service with many attractive supports and incentives!

At SSM, when organizing Activation, customers are fully supported in all aspects including:

✅ Consultation and planning to organize completely free.

✅ Support advertising design, production of advertising items.

✅ Support professional PG team at point of sale, with specific KPIs for each campaign.

✅ Directly contact and rent the venue according to the requirements from the customer.

✅ Affordable prices, attractive deals!

Customers need more advice on what is Activation, help build the most suitable plan for their unit, please contact immediately Hotline: 0934 519 516 (Mr.Trung Anh)!

For more advice on the service, please contact the information:


Hanoi Office

Address: No. 6 Nguyen Cong Tru, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi

Hotline: 0934 519 516

Ho Chi Minh office

Address: Room 301, Floor 3, 459 Su Van Hanh, Ward 12, District 10, HCMC

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