Dán quảng cáo trên xe tải toàn quốc cho Nước chấm cá cơm 3 Miền

3 Mien Fish Sauce – Uniben was launched an truck advertising campaign to increase product awareness throughout many provinces and cities. After obtaining the license, the advertising decal has been sealed on both sides of the truck with a large size, impressive display, attracting passersby.

1. 3 Mien Fish Sauce – Vietnamese soul for Vietnamese foods

3 Mien Fish Sauce is a product of UNIBEN Group – a leading enterprise in the food industry. The company has diligently researched and created a unique and suitable sauce flavor for people of all 3 regions of the North – Central – South.

3 Mien Fish Sauce is specially made from pure anchovy fish sauce with its own secrets. The finished product is the traditional flavored fish sauce cups with a very eye-catching brown color. In particular, from the selection of raw materials to production, we ensure absolute safety for the health of consumers.

3 Mien Fish Sauce can be processed for many different dishes such as: braised, fried, cooked or used to dip fried and boiled food. That’s why, according to KantarWorldPanel, more than 80% of Vietnamese households are currently using 3 Mien products, including 3 Mien Fish Sauce.

Dán quảng cáo trên xe tải toàn quốc cho Nước chấm cá cơm 3 Miền

2. Truck advertising campagin of 3 Mien Fish Sauce

The growth rate of 3 Mien Fish Sauce in the last 2 years has increased 10 times. The products are distributed throughout many provinces and cities nationwide. Therefore, UNIBEN has equipped a large truck system to transport goods to stores and distribution agents.

Dán quảng cáo trên xe tải toàn quốc cho Nước chấm cá cơm 3 Miền

Taking advantage of the delivery vehicle system, UNIBEN put the advertising design of 3 Mien Fish Sauce on all vehicles. The advertising campaign on trucks was deployed in Hanoi, Vinh Phuc, the Central Highlands and the Western provinces. The vehicle system participates in advertising up to nearly 100 vehicles.

Dán quảng cáo trên xe tải toàn quốc cho Nước chấm cá cơm 3 Miền

According to regulations, the area of ​​advertising stickers on the truck’s trunk must not exceed 50% of the area of ​​each side. But UNIBEN has applied for a separate operating license from the provinces to deploy advertising decals to cover the 2 sides of the trunk.

Dán quảng cáo trên xe tải toàn quốc cho Nước chấm cá cơm 3 Miền

The increase in the display area, combined with the maquette pattern with bright highlights, created a great attraction for the advertising campaign. The truck boxes were attached with a thin layer of corrugated iron to create a flat surface for faster and more beautiful advertising decals.

Dán quảng cáo trên xe tải toàn quốc cho Nước chấm cá cơm 3 Miền

Using the company’s own vehicle system, the truck advertising campaign for 3 Mien Fish Sauce was significantly reduced in cost. Besides, the brand can also self-manage the route, time, decal status on the car, keep the car clean to advertise more attractive every day.

3. Sixth Sense Media – Professional truck advertising agency

Accompanying UNIBEN throughout the nationwide truck-sticking project is a professional team from Sixth Sense Media! With a large number of employees, we are present in all provinces and cities, deploying advertising decals simultaneously for brands.

At Sixth Sense Media, customers are committed and guaranteed about:

  • Using specialized decal material, with high durability, beautiful color display.
  • Professional construction techniques, decal stickers.
  • Fast progress.
  • Affordable cost, many attractive incentives when using our other services.

In addition to decal stickers on the available truck system of investors, Sixth Sense Media can further assist you in renting advertising cars throughout 63 provinces. For more information about our services, please feel free to contact us directly!

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