Ninja Van’s truck advertising campaign has been deployed on the company’s own vehicle system. Therefore, the campaign has created great communication effect at low cost. Moreover, the brand can self-manage the advertising vehicle, accurately determine the location and time of communication every day.

1. About Ninja Van

Ninja Van was established in 2014 in Singapore. And now, Ninja Van has become the largest and fastest growing freight forwarder in Southeast Asia with an extensive network of six countries: Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand and Vietnam.

Every month, over 30 million orders are shipped by Ninja Van. In Vietnam, the company has 400 forwarding stations, 6 large warehouses, serving delivery needs throughout 63 provinces and cities.

Ninja Van has the most advanced technology platform to optimize business logistics. So in Vietnam, Ninja Van has covered the most famous e-commerce platforms: Shopee, Lazada, Sendo and Tiki.

Ninja Van brings satisfaction to both sellers and buyers. The company’s criterion is to provide fast delivery and delivery services, complete detailed statistics, and bring the best experience to all users.

Ninja Van dán quảng cáo trên xe tải tại Hà Nội và TPHCM

2. Ninja Van’s truck advertising campaign in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

As a large courier company, Ninja Van currently has hundreds of trucks operating to transport goods. Every day, the trucks move all over the road, bringing goods from distributors to warehouses and then to customers.

Besides transporting goods, Ninja Van has taken advantage of these vehicles to transport its brand to many different locations. The advertising campaign on trucks was launched by the company with Sixth Sense Media in two big cities: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

Ninja Van dán quảng cáo trên xe tải tại Hà Nội và TPHCM

Ninja Van chose small and medium-sized trucks for advertising. This is very reasonable so that trucks can conveniently move right in the city center and attract more viewers. Besides, the company also saves the cost of renting a car, it only takes a not too high fee to print and paste advertising decals on the trunk.

Ninja Van dán quảng cáo trên xe tải tại Hà Nội và TPHCM

Ninja Van’s maquette has a vibrant red color that is designed in accordance with the brand logo colors. Decal is glued on 2 sides and back of the truck. Specialized decals have high durability, good waterproofing, so they can be used and maintained for a long time.

Ninja Van dán quảng cáo trên xe tải tại Hà Nội và TPHCM

Ninja Van’s truck ads appear on 3 different sides, attracting passersby in both directions and behind the vehicle. Square advertising trucks have created mobile advertising screens that spread the Ninja Van brand everywhere.


On the brand’s vehicle system, Sixth Sense Media is the unit that directly executes the entire advertising campaign on the truck for Ninja Van. We undertake the following jobs:

  • Measure the exact size of the advertising decal to stick on each vehicle.
  • Modify the maquette design to fit on the car.
  • Print and stick advertising decals on the entire vehicle system.
  • Advertising decals are guaranteed by Sixth Sense Media for 6 months.
  • When you want to change, change the advertising maquette for the next time, customers will receive a great discount.

Sixth Sense Media’s truck crew has over 12 years of experience. We guarantee the progress, aesthetics and durability of your campaign!

In addition to advertising on the truck system of the business, investors need to contact to rent more trucks for advertising, please contact Sixth Sense Media immediately for advice!

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Hanoi Office

Address: No. 6 Nguyen Cong Tru, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi

Hotline: 0934 519 516

Ho Chi Minh office

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Hotline: 0982 513 898



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