Máy tính Phong Vũ quảng cáo xe bus tại Nghệ An và Hà Tĩnh

Phong Vu’s bus advertising campaign has created a wide coverage area across Nghe An and Ha Tinh provinces by deploying ads on many different bus routes. The expansion of the communication scale also significantly increased the number of customers to reach, thereby increasing the brand awareness of this computer store chain.

1. About Phong Vu Trading – Service Company

Phong Vu is a computer shop in Ho Chi Minh City that was established in 1997. In 2007, Phong Vu Trading and Service Company was established, invested in providing a wide range of products and services for customers.

Coming to Phong Vu today, in addition to computers (desktops, laptops, computer accessories), customers can also find many other technology products such as office equipment (printers, fax machines, etc.), camera, phone system, etc.

Phong Vu is constantly searching and directly importing products from famous technology brands in the world to serve Vietnamese consumers. That’s why Phong Vu has now become “one of the leading brands in the field of computers and information technology.

Currently, Phong Vu has established over 30 stores, widely distributed in many provinces and cities stretching from South to North.

Máy tính Phong Vũ quảng cáo xe bus tại Nghệ An và Hà Tĩnh

2. Bus advertising campaign in 2018 of Phong Vu Computer

In 2018, Phong Vu has planned to hit the market in the central provinces. To get acquainted and create attraction with customers in a new market, Phong Vu launched a super attractive promotion and discount campaign. But how to communicate the program to reach many customers at an affordable cost? That’s why Phong Vu chose bus advertising!

Máy tính Phong Vũ quảng cáo xe bus tại Nghệ An

With both bus advertising campaigns in Nghe An and Ha Tinh, Phong Vu deployed them in the form of advertising stickers on the body of the vehicle. The large size of advertising decals helped to convey the design and message of the brand more attractive.

Máy tính Phong Vũ quảng cáo xe bus tại Nghệ An

The scale of the advertising campaign was maximized by selecting both routes running within Nghe An and Ha Tinh provinces, and inter-provincial bus routes. The bus system is carefully selected by Sixth Sense Media for investor, ensuring new vehicles with beautiful aesthetic appearance for advertising.

Máy tính Phong Vũ quảng cáo xe bus tại Nghệ An và Hà Tĩnh

Phong Vu’s bus advertising project in Nghe An and Ha Tinh was implemented in 3 months. All decal stickers on the bus are guaranteed by Sixth Sense Media, maintaining maximum durability.


Phong Vu has obtained extremely positive results when choosing advertising on buses. And another correct decision is to choose Sixth Sense Media to take over the entire project. We are a professional bus advertising company, with a team of elite personnel directly responsible for completing all stages of the project.

Sixth Sense Media doesn’t go through any 3rd party, but self-supports investors from bus rental, design, printing to quick construction. We ensure the schedule, quality and the most economical cost for every business.

Whenever you need to advertise on the bus, contact Sixth Sense Media immediately for a completely FREE consultation!

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