Thi công billboard quảng cáo cho Unico Global YB

Unico Global YB has deployed billboard inside its industrial park to recruit personnel and promote their company.

1. About Unico Global YB

UNICO GLOBAL INC was established in 1996 in China, specializing in the production of garments for export. In the following years, the group has achieved many remarkable achievements.

  • In 2005, established a representative office in Korea.
  • In 2006, built a large-scale production factory in Bac Giang, Vietnam.
  • In 2015, Unico Global YB Co., Ltd with more than 6000 employees went into operation at Au Lau Industrial Park, Au Lau Commune, Yen Bai City, Yen Bai Province.

Unico Global has modern production lines, fast response time to large orders, high quality has won the trust of many partners around the world. Typical examples include: Columbia, Eider, K2, Decathlon, LL. Bean, Berghaus, Discovery,…

Unico Global YB factory is considered the largest-scale project, the main activity supplying most of this group’s products.

Thi công billboard quảng cáo cho Unico Global YB

2. Billboard construction for UNICO Global YB

As a large capacity factory, Unico Global YB needs large human resources. Therefore, the recruitment demand of the company is always standing. The target group of workers that the company targets are mainly local human resources, so the recruitment campaigns are also concentrated in Yen Bai.

Thi công billboard quảng cáo cho Unico Global YB

Instead of distributing leaflets and making small billboards, Unico Global YB decided to put recruitment information on large outdoor billboards. This billboard is built right in the industrial park with its large size and high visibility to the outside of the road, which can attract attention from people walking around.

The content that the company conveys on the billboard is very brief and concise, including: Company name, working address and support for employees to stay in a dormitory 100% free.

Thi công billboard quảng cáo cho Unico Global YB

Billboard surface is made from specialized Hiflex canvas, firmly fixed. This tarpaulin material has the advantage of being able to display clear and bright colors. Along with that, Hiflex tarpaulin has high durability, good bearing capacity, maintains aesthetics, and resists fading for a whole year.

Thi công billboard quảng cáo cho Unico Global YB


Sixth Sense Media is very pleased to be trusted by Unico Global YB as a partner to construct large outdoor billboards. We went directly to the actual survey, maquette design drawings and quickly started billboard construction. The advertising canvas we use is a specialized tarpaulin, so it has good durability. Sixth Sense Media has a year-round billboard warranty.

With a team of skilled and experienced workers, the billboard advertising construction process is fast, efficient and safe.

Customers wishing to construct large outdoor billboards, please contact Sixth Sense Media directly for support with the best price!

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