Quảng cáo xe bus Hà Nội mừng sinh nhật Valentine Boy - Jaehuyn NCT

Jaehyun NCT’s fandom in Vietnam – ChocoBerryVN celebrated the idol’s 25th birthday with an impressive bus advertising campaign in Hanoi.

1. Jaehyun – The famous Valentine Boy of NCT

Jaehyun (NCT) is one of the most popular male idols in Kpop today. He is the main vocalist in the boy band NCT. Besides, he also has a perfect body and top-notch visuals.

Jaehyun is known as Valentine Boy because every time on Valentine’s Day, the search keyword about this guy becomes a trend in many countries around the world. That’s because Jaehyun’s birthday is also on Valentine’s Day, February 14, 1997.

For Kpop fandoms, organizing idol birthday projects has become so familiar and almost an indispensable activity. And of course, every year on Valentine’s Day, we get to witness Jaehyun’s birthday activities. Popular activities are usually giving gifts to idols, organizing advertising and communication campaigns.

As for Jaehyun’s fandom in Vietnam, in this 2022, to celebrate their idol’s birthday, what will they do?

quang cao xe bus ha noi mung sinh nhat valentine boy jaehuyn nct 1

2. Bus advertising project in Hanoi to celebrate Jaehyun NCT’s birthday

The most popular birthday project that KPOP fandoms in Vietnam are currently using is bus advertising. Therefore, ChocoBerryVN has caught up with the trend of organizing a bus advertising project in Hanoi to celebrate the idol’s birthday.

Quảng cáo xe bus Hà Nội mừng sinh nhật Valentine Boy - Jaehuyn NCT

Although February 14 is the official birthday, the bus advertising project to celebrate Jaehyun’s birthday has been “on air” since January 20. The advertisement is deployed on bus route 23 – the inner city bus route with the route going through many main streets and central streets. Since then, the design of the birthday project has spread widely. The widely shared project also proves the “playability” of Vietnamese fans.

Quảng cáo xe bus Hà Nội mừng sinh nhật Valentine Boy - Jaehuyn NCT

With great love for idols, the young people of ChocoBerryVN have worked hard to discuss and come up with a simple but outstanding advertising maquette to stick on the bus. The sticker position is located on both sides of the body, forming 2 mobile billboards, bringing the “Happy Jaehyun Day” campaign to all roads.

Quảng cáo xe bus Hà Nội mừng sinh nhật Valentine Boy - Jaehuyn NCT

The time to organize advertising falls in the period before, during and after Tet. This is also the time when the density of vehicles and people on the road is extremely large. Therefore, the display effect and reach of this birthday project are even more impressive.


Sixth Sense Media is very pleased to accompany young people in the Jaehyun NCT fandom in Vietnam to organize this bus advertising campaign in Hanoi. With a young staff, we are very excited to launch these idol birthday bus advertising campaigns.

By experience and understanding customer psychology, we have provided advice to help ChocoBerry VN choose the route, form of advertisement and design the maquette so that it can be displayed most prominently on the bus.

Sixth Sense Media would like to send an early birthday greeting to NCT member Jaehyun. We hope that we will be able to accompany ChocoBerry in many new promotional projects in the future for our idols!

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