Liên Á triển khai quảng cáo trên xe taxi Vinasun tại TPHCM

Lien A Company has had an advertising campaign on Vinasun taxi within 3 months to increase and strengthen its brand position in the market.

1. Lien A – Refreshing life

Lien A Company was established in 1987 in Vietnam in the field of manufacturing latex mattresses. Currently, after more than 34 years of establishment and development, Lien A has made great strides into other markets around the world. Specifically, Lien A’s products are popular in many countries such as the US, Europe, the Middle East, Japan, Singapore…

Following the success with natural latex mattresses, Lien A now has more product lines: high-class pocket spring mattresses, 100% natural latex mattresses, sheets, pillows, sofas, beds, divans…

Lien A clearly defines the mission “Refreshing life”. It is constantly creating, providing international quality products, bringing high-class spaces with the most suitable price for Vietnamese customers.

Liên Á triển khai quảng cáo trên xe taxi Vinasun tại TPHCM

2. Advertising project on Vinasun Taxi of Lien A in Ho Chi Minh City

Despite having a certain position, Lien A has never “sleeped on victory”. The company continuously builds marketing and advertising campaigns to increase brand recognition. And advertising on Vinasun taxi is part of the company’s strategic marketing plan.

Liên Á triển khai quảng cáo trên xe taxi Vinasun tại TPHCM

Lien A chose to deploy advertising decals on both sides of the doors of Vinasun taxis. Because it is a specialized decal, it has high durability, good bearing capacity and maintains a beautiful aesthetic throughout the duration of the campaign. The advertising size on both sides of the car door is also quite large, ensuring that the brand and its communication message are displayed prominently and clearly with customers.

Liên Á triển khai quảng cáo trên xe taxi Vinasun tại TPHCM

Choosing the form of advertising outside the taxi, Lien A maximizes the number of customers to reach. Each taxi will carry 2 mobile billboards about Lien A moving throughout the routes in Ho Chi Minh City – the most economic city in Vietnam.

In this campaign, Lien A used more than 100 taxis. Including advertising on 4-seater taxis and 7-seater taxis. Each type of vehicle will have a certain difference in size, so it needs to be carefully measured to ensure optimal aesthetics for advertising.


Sixth Sense Media is pleased to accompany Lien A’s Vinasun taxi advertising project. After understanding the requirements and purposes of the campaign, we also consulted on how to implement the brand’s advertising project in a suitable, effective and cost-effective manner.

Lien A’s Vinasun taxi advertising project is carried out by Sixth Sense Media from A – Z, with full service.

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