Phụ kiện nội thất Cariny và quảng cáo xe bus Hà Nội

The bus advertising campaign introduced both Cariny Furniture Accessories and Haller Kitchen Equipment brands on 3 different bus routes in Hanoi. The advertising project was launched for 6 months to increase the awareness of these two furniture brands with customers in the capital.


Cariny is a brand specializing in high-class kitchen cabinets and wardrobes with competitive prices. Cariny brings to your home products that not only have beautiful designs according to new trends, but also have production technology that improves product quality. All Cariny products are manufactured according to EU, USA standards… and tested by SGS-Switzerland.

Phụ kiện nội thất Cariny và Thiết bị nhà bếp Haller quảng cáo xe bus

The system of kitchen equipment and accessories of Haller are manufactured according to German technology. Haller has many lines of induction cookers, gas stoves, microwave ovens, hoods, dishwashers, coffee machines, kitchen cabinets, bowl racks, etc. Haller’s products have modern designs, international standards and many different prices for customers to choose.

Phụ kiện nội thất Cariny và Thiết bị nhà bếp Haller quảng cáo xe bus

Both brands are now fully imported and distributed with genuine warranty in Vietnam by Hung Gia Co., Ltd.

Bus advertising campaign in Hanoi of CARINY and HALLER

Bus advertising campaign in Hanoi for 2 brands Cariny and Haller was launched by Hung Gia Company with the helping of Sixth Sense Media. The company chose to advertise on both sides of the bus body with 2 separate maquettes for each brand. This “2 in 1” bus advertising project was both cost-effective and introduce both brands to the public at the same time.

Unlike many other units, the bus advertising campaign for Cariny and Haller chose long-distance bus routes. Specifically, the bus routes moving to the district and suburban districts of Hanoi are:

  • Route 61: Van Ha (Dong Anh) – Nam Thang Long
  • Route 89: Yen Nghia bus station – Thach That – Son Tay bus station
  • Route 92: Nhon – Son Tay – Tay Dang, Ba Vi district

Although they are suburban routes, the frequency and operating time of all three routes are not inferior to inner city buses. On average, each bus route runs 15 hours/day. Therefore, the design of Cariny and Haller was guaranteed to appear continuously on the street, reaching a huge number of customers.

1. Cariny’s bus advertising

2. Haller’s bus advertising


In the bus advertising campaign in Hanoi for Cariny and Haller, Sixth Sense Media was the direct agency in charge of the entire implementation process including:

  • Contact to book advertising bus.
  • Design all 3 maquettes used in the project.
  • Print decal, decal stickers.
  • During the 6 months, we take on the role of acceptance test, decal warranty and 1 free replacement of maquette for the brand.

Sixth Sense Media is a professional and reputable bus advertising company with the ability to deploy campaigns on a national scale. If you need advice on services and advertising rate cards, please contact us immediately for the fastest support!

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