Khu đô thị Gamuda Gardens quảng cáo trên xe bus tại Bắc Ninh

Bus advertising campaign in Bac Ninh introducing Gamuda Gardens urban area was launched in 6 months with the aim of increasing brand awarenessand and attracting more customers.

1. Gamuda Gardens – The most ecological urban area in Hanoi

Gamuda Gardens is one of the four main complexes of Gamuda City. The purpose of the investor when creating Gamuda Gardens is to build a convenient, high-class, safe living space, but at the same time with a design close to nature.

Gamuda Gardens urban area has construction items including: garden villas, shophouses and high-rise apartments. Inside the urban area, there are more convenient services such as international schools, parks, commercial centers, Clubhouses for residents to use.

A special feature of Gamuda Gardens Hoang Mai is to reduce construction density and increase green coverage. The villas, apartments or shophouses are surrounded by parks, green landscapes, lake systems, providing a perfect healthy and modern lifestyle.

After completion, Gamuda Gardens urban area becomes one of the largest urban areas located at the southern gateway of Hanoi. Traffic infrastructure around the Gamuda City project has been completed, ensuring smooth and easy connection from here to all districts in Hanoi or moving to neighboring provinces.

Khu đô thị Gamuda Gardens quảng cáo trên xe bus tại Bắc Ninh

2. Bus advertising campaign in Bac Ninh of Gamuda Gardens

As an urban area located in Hanoi, Gamuda Gardens has deployed many advertising campaigns in the capital. Typical project is: Gamuda Land advertising on Group Taxi in Hanoi.

Besides, it is very convenient to move from this urban area to Bac Ninh province. Moreover, with the upgrade of the transport infrastructure system, it has shortened both the distance and the travel time.

That is why Gamuda Gardens has targeted even more potential customers in Bac Ninh. And the bus advertising campaign in Bac Ninh has been started!

Khu đô thị Gamuda Gardens quảng cáo trên xe bus tại Bắc Ninh

To enter as well as widely communicate in a new market, bus advertising is the right choice. Buses in Bac Ninh have almost been replaced to serve passengers and create favorable conditions for advertising. Therefore, the design of advertising stickers on both sides of the bus body is also highlighted.

Gamuda Gardens selects bus routes with a wide range of operations, running through the most crowded areas of the province. Bac Ninh bus has a frequency of running from 12-14 hours/day, bringing the image of Gamuda Gardens urban area to appear and continuously approaching thousands of people on the street every day.

Khu đô thị Gamuda Gardens quảng cáo trên xe bus tại Bắc Ninh

Gamuda Gardens’ bus advertising campaign in Bac Ninh is a long-term campaign that significantly increases the awareness of the urban area. Besides, the Bac Ninh bus advertising package for 6 months also has a better discount for investors.


Sixth Sense Media is pleased to become the advertising agency for many campaigns to promote Gamuda Gardens urban area in particular and Gamuda City project in general.

In addition to the bus advertising campaign in Bac Ninh in 2017, we also implemented a number of taxi advertising projects for Gamuda in both 2017 and 2018. The projects were successfully implemented and received. positive investor reviews.

In every project, Sixth Sense Media always follows, supports from start to finish. Including: car rental, design editing to printing, advertising stickers and warranty. We are committed to progress, quality and ensure the most affordable cost for investors.

If you are interested in bus advertising services in 63 provinces, please contact Sixth Sense Media directly for more advice!

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