Gamuada Land quảng cáo trên xe taxi Group

Gamuda Land launched an advertising campaign on Group Taxi in Hanoi to both introduce the Gamuda Gardens project and increase brand awareness.

About Gamuda Land and the Gamuda Gardens project

Gamuda Land is a real estate development division from Malaysia, belonging to Gamuda Berhad Group – one of the leading corporations in Construction & Infrastructure. Established in 1995, Gamuda Land has created many green buildings, high-class urban areas, and integrated many utilities for residents.

In particular, the Gamuda Gardens project is one of the largest mega-projects in Vietnam that Gamuda Land built. Gamuda Gardens embraces the largest “green lung” of the capital, which is Yen So Park, providing a fresh living space with the most beautiful scenery for its residents.

Gamuda Gardens was built with 4 main complexes. Gamuda Gardens is an urban area with a full range of modern public facilities including: entertainment clubs, schools, commercial centers and other 5-star facilities. Not only bringing the best quality of life in terms of facilities, the urban area is also designed in harmony with nature, creating the most ideal living space for people.

gamuda land quang cao tren xe taxi group tai ha noi

Gamuda Land’s taxi advertising campaign in Hanoi

Gamuda Land’s taxi advertising campaign achieves two purposes. It is both introducing project products and promoting the brand at an extremely economical cost. The advantages of advertising campaign on Group taxi in Hanoi can be mentioned:

  • Taxi Group provides strategic communication areas, moving on crowded streets, approaching the high-end customer segment when stopping to pick up customers in the lobby of the city’s shopping malls, hotels, and restaurants.
  • The frequency of advertising works continuously for many hours a day, up to 20-22 hours in a row, reaching thousands of customers.
  • Advertising on the back door of the taxi is in the right line of sight, forming 2 mobile billboards that attract great attention from passersby on both sides.
  • Compared to other outdoor advertising campaigns, taxi advertising has a lower investment, is easy to deploy in the long run, and improves brand awareness.

Gamuada Land quảng cáo trên xe taxi Group

Gamuada Land quảng cáo trên xe taxi Group

Gamuada Land quảng cáo trên xe taxi Group

Gamuada Land quảng cáo trên xe taxi Group


Being trusted to choose to carry out the entire taxi advertising campaign for Gamuda Land is a great honor for Sixth Sense Media. Working with an international company with high and strict appreciation for project quality is also the motivation for us to improve and prove our capabilities.

In addition to the advertising campaign on Group Taxi in Hanoi, Sixth Sense Media also continue to be trusted by investors, assigning a bus advertising campaign in Bac Ninh at a later time.

Always providing high quality services, serving customers with utmost responsibility, enthusiasm and optimal rate card are prerequisites for investors to choose us!

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