Dầu ăn Kiddy dán quảng cáo tràn kính xe bus tại TPHCM

Choosing the advertising form with the largest display area, Kiddy Nutritional Oil’s bus advertising campaign in Ho Chi Minh City quickly attracted much attention from the public and increased brand awareness.

What is Kiddy Nutritional Oil For Kids?

For children, the first 3 years of life are the most important period for the development of vision, digestive system, immune system and especially brain. Therefore, mothers need to supplement their children with foods containing protein, omega 3, 6, 9, DHA and EPA. In particular, salmon contains high levels of these nutrients.

Kiddy Nutritional Oil from Salmon was born because of this. Besides imported salmon oil, the product also contains many other nutritious ingredients such as: soybean oil, rapeseed oil, sesame oil and rice oil.

Kiddy uses modern technology to improve product quality, remove the characteristic fishy smell of fish oil, so it is easy to eat. Products for children from 6 months to 3 years old, manufactured by Calofic Company.

Kiddy Nutritional Oil has become one of the leading cooking oil products trusted by mothers and added to their children’s meals in the first years of life.

Dầu ăn Kiddy dán quảng cáo tràn kính xe bus tại TPHCM

Kiddy Nutritional Oil For Kids’s Bus Advertising in Ho Chi Minh City

The unique advantage of bus advertising Ho Chi Minh City is the only city currently licensed to place ads from body to full glass bus. Since then, the advertising area is maximized, creating the highest attraction and prominence to passersby. And of course, Kiddy Nutritional Oil also choosed this bus advertising format for its advertising campaign!

Collaborated with Sixth Sense Media, Kiddy Nutritional Oil launched bus advertising campaign in Ho Chi Minh City within 3 months. The brand selected 5 different inner-city bus routes in the project to diversify and expand its communication coverage. The buses moved through the high-traffic areas of the city continuously for many hours a day.

Bus advertising helped Kiddy Nutritional Oil reach mass customers. It can be housewives, office workers, businessmen, students, elderly people, etc. All can become their customers.

Dầu ăn Kiddy dán quảng cáo tràn kính xe bus tại TPHCM

Dầu ăn Kiddy dán quảng cáo tràn kính xe bus tại TPHCM

Dầu ăn Kiddy dán quảng cáo tràn kính xe bus tại TPHCM

Dầu ăn Kiddy dán quảng cáo tràn kính xe bus tại TPHCM


Sixth Sense Media is proud to be one of the top choices for businesses that have been intending to deploy advertising on buses in Ho Chi Minh City. Not only the Kiddy Nutritional Oil, we have cooperated and jointly implemented high-quality bus advertising projects with economical prices for many other brands.

Choosing Sixth Sense Media to launch bus advertising campaigns, investors will never be disappointed!

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