Monster Lab Academy quảng cáo ấn tượng trên xe bus tại Hà Nội

Monster Lab has had an bus advertising campaign in Hanoi with a creative maquette design, attracting a lot of attention every time it appears on the street.

1. Monster Lab – Prestigious Academy of Design – Fine Arts

To talk about one of the quality training institutions for Design – Media – Illustration in Hanoi, Monster Lab Art & Design Academy is a highly appreciated name. Starting with short courses, now, Monster Lab has more training programs for secondary school graduates, high school graduates, and online courses.

Monster Lab is a training place for young people who want to become Graphic Designers – Multimedia, Illustrators, Digital Artists.

Monster Lab builds courses that combine theory and practice. The peculiarity of the creative and media industries is to constantly update the latest knowledge and design trends. With this, students at Monster Lab can rest assured.

The Academy has a team of quality lecturers, all of whom are experts with many years of experience, who will accompany, teach and most importantly inspire and give you confidence. Students studying at Monster Lab Academy will also have their own group to regularly exchange, share and answer all questions during the learning process and later.

Monster Lab Academy

2. Monster Lab Academy’s impressive bus advertising project in Hanoi

With the aim of increasing awareness and attracting more students, Monster Lab has launched a long-term bus advertising campaign. Specifically, Monster Lab’s bus advertising campaign in Hanoi will take place within 1 year.

Monster Lab Academy quảng cáo ấn tượng trên xe bus tại Hà Nội

As a creative academy, Monster Lab’s maquette makes this clear. The Academy chooses the form of advertising to climb the bus glass to have the maximum area for creativity. Maquette carries the youthful, unique and different spirit of the students at Monster Lab.

Monster Lab Academy quảng cáo ấn tượng trên xe bus tại Hà Nội

With the audience to attract are students, Monster Lab made the right decision when choosing bus route 26. This is the bus with a super hot route, passing through many schools and universities, as well as the routes with the highest traffic density in Hanoi to increase the number of ad viewers.

Monster Lab Academy quảng cáo ấn tượng trên xe bus tại Hà Nội

Bus advertising in Hanoi have a continuous display time until 16h/day. During 1 year of implementation, the bus will bring images and advertising messages to appear in the vision and gradually imprint on the minds of customers. The brand of Monster Lab academy will also be strengthened and positioned firmly!

Monster Lab Academy quảng cáo ấn tượng trên xe bus tại Hà Nội

This bus advertising campaign in Hanoi not only helps Monster Lab ensure a large customer reach, continuous display frequency, but also ensures a reasonable cost.

Monster Lab Academy quảng cáo ấn tượng trên xe bus tại Hà Nội


Sixth Sense Media is very pleased to have the opportunity to accompany Monster Lab’s bus advertising campaign in Hanoi this time. When receiving an advertising request from the academy, along with our research, experience, and in-depth understanding of the Hanoi bus advertising market, we quickly consulted and had an appropriate implementation plan.

Monster Lab’s Hanoi bus advertising project is carried out by Sixth Sense Media from A – Z. We offer a package advertising service with many outstanding benefits for the brand such as:

  • Rent bus to advertise quickly
  • Support to edit the design to suit when displayed on the vehicle
  • Printing on specialized decal material, ensuring high durability
  • Fast execution of advertising decal stickers
  • Periodic acceptance report with pictures on vehicle condition
  • Warranty on all decals for the entire advertising period
  • Quotations with competitive discounts, the most attractive offers

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