AU TOP tổ chức roadshow xe bus 2 tầng mừng người chơi thứ 1 triệu

To celebrate the 1 millionth player, AU TOP organized a super epic double decker bus roadshow project in Ho Chi Minh City.

1. AU TOP officially hit 1 million users

AU TOP is a 3D Street Dance game released in Vietnam by VTC Mobile. Before that, AU TOP had successfully recorded in many other countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, … with millions of downloads.

AU TOP is considered by experts to be a high-quality dance game series, especially for GenZ with a cute design in color and style.

Compared to other Au game series that have been present in Vietnam, AU TOP is completely changed from characters, graphics, fashion to experiences of new features. Besides the basic game modes Bubble, 4K, Trial mode, AU TOP has 2 completely new jumping modes: Orbit and Racing Ride combined with realistic 3D graphics.

If you are a fashion lover, you definitely do not miss this game! Because AU TOP has more outstanding features to “Change clothes color” to find your own style and substance.

And as expected, less than 1 month of official release, AU TOP Vietnam has reached 1 million players.

game AU TOP

2. Double decker bus roadshow campaign to celebrate 1 millionth player of AU TOP

To mark a memorable milestone for development in Vietnam, AU TOP had a grand launch campaign. AU TOP’s double-decker bus roadshow project was held in Ho Chi Minh City with innovation and difference in organization.

AU TOP tổ chức roadshow xe bus 2 tầng mừng người chơi thứ 1 triệu

The double-decker bus is decorated with impressive decals on the body and rear of the car. Maquette advertises with purple as the main color, making the car go anywhere, it also receives a lot of attention.

AU TOP tổ chức roadshow xe bus 2 tầng mừng người chơi thứ 1 triệu

The special feature of this AU TOP double-decker bus roadshow is to exclusively serve the 1 millionth player in Vietnam. On the bus, there will be a team of PG and DJ playing music to welcome this super VIP player.

AU TOP tổ chức roadshow xe bus 2 tầng mừng người chơi thứ 1 triệu

This double-decker bus roadshow of AU TOP only took place within 1 day, but the impact was not small. VTC Mobile chooses Sunday to organize a roadshow, parade in the time frame when the traffic density of the city is the largest. The bus goes along the central roads and major roads in Ho Chi Minh City to reach and attract tens of thousands of viewers.

The GenZ double-decker bus roadshow, although short-lived, has helped more people know more about AU TOP.

AU TOP tổ chức roadshow xe bus 2 tầng mừng người chơi thứ 1 triệu

AU TOP tổ chức roadshow xe bus 2 tầng mừng người chơi thứ 1 triệu


AU TOP’s double-decker bus roadshow project had certain difficulties when organizing it. The amount of work and personnel needed to prepare for the campaign is quite large. But with long-term experience, Sixth Sense Media is proud to have completed the project in accordance with the requirements and expectations from VTC Mobile.

Sixth Sense Media has supported AU TOP with all issues of:

  • Plan, arrange routes, travel time, pick up passengers, parade on the street.
  • Rent a bus, design and decorate a roadshow bus.
  • In charge of the entire PG team, DJ, SUP, roadshow management.
  • Apply for a roadshow permit.
  • Support to take photos and videos about the program.

Sixth Sense Media is confident to be a professional double-decker bus roadshow organizer with the most favorable price that will satisfy all customers!

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