Mega1 quảng cáo trên xe bus Bình Dương

Mega1’s bus advertising campaign operate in Binh Duong, Binh Phuoc, Dong Nai and Tay Ninh for 3 months.

Mega1 – Extremely hot digital application in Vietnam

Mega1 was launched in March 2020. Just on the first day, the number of app downloads on both Android and iOS platforms has continuously increased dramatically. What is the reason?

Mega1 is an application that works under the mechanism of accumulating points from daily purchases and exchanging prizes of great value, creating maximum benefits for consumers. In the beginning, customers who download the app will have the opportunity to receive rewards every day. The value of the prize is up to hundreds of millions of VND.

To be able to participate in this spin, users need to download the app, create an account, then the app will automatically donate 2 spins per day to the account. In addition, users can collect more bonus codes by purchasing products from brands that cooperate with Mega1 to have the opportunity to receive valuable rewards.

In particular, when buying products of Tan Hiep Phat company (including Number 1 Energy Drink, Zero Degrees Green Tea, Dr. Thanh Herbal Cooling Tea) the opportunity to receive a maximum reward of up to VND 40 billion!

mega 1

Why did Mega1 choose bus advertising?

  • Buses operate continuously for many hours a day, have long and fixed routes, creating a wide communication area for products.
  • Advertising on the bus body is shown in a large format decal, attracting the attention of all passersby. Combined with the long drive time, each day can generate thousands of impressions.
  • Bus advertising helps Mega1 reach both target customers and find new customers. Thereby increasing the recognition of this application in the market.
  • Bus advertising costs are affordable. Investors can deploy on many bus routes in many provinces for a long time without large budgets such as billboard or television advertisement.

Bus advertising campaign of Mega1 in 2020

Mega1, with the help of the bus advertising company Sixth Sense Media, launched a bus advertising campaign in the Southeast provinces.

1. Bus advertising in Binh Duong

2. Bus advertising in Binh Phuoc

3. Bus advertising in Dong Nai

4. Bus advertising in Tay Ninh

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