Quảng cáo trên xe bus Đồng Nai cho MV "Khi em lớn"

In order to increase public attention, the bus advertising campaign was launched before the MV “When you grow up” was released on other media channels.

The special things of the MV “When you grow up”

The music video “When you grow up” is a combination of two voices: Orange – a female singer with a sweet voice and a dreamy musician Hoang Dung. Say no to drama, say no to epic effects, “When you grow up” brings a sense of peace and lightness to the audience.

In the MV, Orange and Hoang Dung became 2 guests on the bus back to their hometown. But each person brings their own feelings and moods. On one side is anxiety, worry and sadness and fatigue imprinted on the eyes. The other side is excited, joyful, and wants to go back to see their loved ones quickly after a long time apart.

This contrast also accurately reflects the thinking of young people today. The MV is built to convey a meaningful message about family, and the values ​​of growing up.

Not too much emphasis on achievements in this first combination, but Orange and Hoang Dung and the implementation team have obtained “sweet fruit” for their investment. Officially released on April 20, 2021, but after only 2 days, this music video has reached more than 1.2 million views and reached the top 11 Trending on YouTube.

mv khi em lon

Poster MV When You Grow Up – a combination of Orange – Hoang Dung

Bus advertising campaign to introduce the MV “When you grow up”

Normally, campaigns to introduce music videos like this will be implemented within a short period of 1 month. The project will take place before the MV is released and continue throughout. To increase coverage, the investor of “When you grow up” decided to deploy advertising on more routes, promoting the MV widely in many locations.

Bus advertising campaign to promote the MV “When you grow up” was organized by Sixth Sense Media in Binh Duong, Dong Nai and Can Tho. In each locality, we select new vehicles and central routes to ensure optimal customer access to advertising.

1. Bus advertising in Binh Duong

2. Bus advertising in Dong Nai

3. Bus advertising in Can Tho

Sixth Sense Media provides bus advertising projects from small to large scale. Normally, we only accept to deploy bus advertising campaigns from 3 months or more. But when customers need to introduce new products and projects, SSM can still provide bus advertising services within 1 month.

Investors can be completely assured of all benefits, support and incentives that Sixth Sense offers for short-term campaigns without any reduction!!!

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