Beauty Sâm dán quảng cáo trên xe buýt tại Hải Dương

For the purpose of introducing and enhancing product recognition, Ginseng Beauty has launched an bus advertising campaign in Hai Duong for 4 months.

1. Ginseng Beauty – Ginseng for beautiful skin

Ginseng Beauty is a beautiful skin-enhancing pill. The product has 4 main compounds: Saponin, Polyphenol, Flavonoid and Inorganic Salt. These are the golden nutrients to maintain the smooth beauty of the skin, support both melasma, freckles in women, improve hormones, female physiology.

It took more than 4 years for Vietnam Sarmentosa JSC to research on sea ginseng, successfully analyze the precious compounds in this ginseng species to crystallize the most valuable compounds in Beauty pills. Sam.

Ginseng Beauty capsules are suitable for many ages to use, from 14 to 65 years old. For best results, you should maintain continuous use for 2 months. Because the composition of the tablet is 100% natural, you can safely use it or maintain it for a long time as a nutritious functional food for health.

Beauty Sâm - Chìa khóa cho sức khỏe và sắc đẹp phụ nữ Việt

2. Bus advertising project in Hai Duong for Ginseng Beauty Capsule

Wishing to bring quality products to Vietnamese women, after investing in research and production, Ginseng Beauty started implementing advertising plans to increase the identity of this product. And bus advertising is the most suitable option to help brands achieve this goal.

Ginseng Beauty’s bus advertising campaign was deployed in Hai Duong – one of the potential business markets for this product. The advertising project lasted for 4 months, creating a long-term communication campaign with repeated frequency, constant reminders of products and brands.

Beauty Sâm dán quảng cáo trên xe buýt tại Hải Dương

Ginseng Beauty chose the form of advertising decals on both sides of the bus body with a large size. Advertising maquette is designed to stand out, so it quickly attracts and attracts high attention from passersby. Specialized decals help ads maintain both aesthetics and durability throughout the campaign.

Ads about Ginseng Beauty are placed on 2 bus routes to advertise. In which, there is a bus route running within the province and a bus route with a long route to Hai Duong – Hung Yen. With this smart choice, Beauty Sam’s scale and location of bus advertising in Hai Duong have been widely opened. Images of products and brands appear in more places and are known by more people.

Beauty Sâm dán quảng cáo trên xe buýt tại Hải Dương

Advertise on the Hai Duong – Hung Yen intercity bus route

Beauty Sâm dán quảng cáo trên xe buýt tại Hải Dương

Ginseng Beauty advertises on the bus route running within Hai Duong province


Sixth Sense Media is proud to be a part of the success of the bus advertising campaign in Hai Duong for Ginseng Beauty. Right from the moment of being contacted by the brand, SSM’s team of experts quickly researched the plan to deploy the plan accordingly, achieving the maximum effect set by the customer.

Throughout the entire advertising campaign, 100% of the staff of Sixth Sense Media do the whole thing. This helps us to ensure and commit to our customers in terms of quality, schedule and balance the most affordable cost.

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