Project kỷ niệm 16 năm DBSK debut bằng quảng cáo xe bus tại Hà Nội

To mark the 16-year anniversary of the debut of the group DBSK, Cassiopeia in Vietnam have implemented an impressive bus advertising project in Hanoi. The campaign took place in 1 month, deployed on bus route 26 – a large bus route with a route running through the most beautiful and crowded roads in the capital.

1. DBSK – Legendary Kpop Band of the 2nd generation

The 2nd generation bands really made memorable marks for Kpop. There are too many outstanding names with cult hits until now. But the list of leading groups with great influence not only in Korea but also in the world is definitely Dongbangshinki – DBSK/TVXQ.

DBSK officially debuted in 2003. The meaning of the band’s name is: Gods rising from the East. And in fact, DBSK has really made a legend like its own name with outstanding hits such as: Way You Are, Tri-angle, Rising Sun, O, Mirotic,… DBSK has great influence. in Korea and strongly attacked Asian countries.

Until 2009, even though they disbanded and only 2 members remained active, the name DBSK did not lose its charm because of that. At all performances, group concerts appeared, the “red wave” continued to be lit, proving the undying love of Cassiopeia all over the world.

Project kỷ niệm 16 năm DBSK debut bằng quảng cáo xe bus tại Hà Nội

2. Bus advertising project in Hanoi to celebrate the 16th anniversary of DBSK’s debut

On the occasion of the 16th debut anniversary, Cassiopeia around the world have had a lot of communication and advertising activities about DBSK on various media. Particularly for Cassiopeia in Vietnam, bus advertising is the ideal solution.

Project kỷ niệm 16 năm DBSK debut bằng quảng cáo xe bus tại Hà Nội

The Hanoi bus advertising project about DBSK is implemented on bus route 26. This is the route that passes through the most schools and universities in Hanoi. The long route route passes through many locations, when deployed as an advertisement, it will expand and increase awareness.

To make the campaign more prominent, the image of 5 members was designed and printed on a large decal. Advertising decals are glued from the bottom of the bus body to a part on the glass, increasing the display size and making it more beautiful.

With advertising projects for idols like this, fandoms will usually launch ads within 1 month. Not many companies accept bus advertising in such a short time, but Sixth Sense Media can support you with the best price!

Project kỷ niệm 16 năm DBSK debut bằng quảng cáo xe bus tại Hà Nội

>>>Video about the bus advertising project in Hanoi for DBSK:


Sixth Sense Media is very pleased to continue to be accompanied in a bus advertising project for idols. When contacted by Cassiopeia Vietnam, we quickly researched, planned and searched for bus routes, advertising formats that are suitable, outstanding and affordable.

For advertising on buses in Hanoi in particular and bus advertising in general, Sixth Sense Media receives projects from small to large, from short to long term. Bus advertising projects are fully implemented by us, committed to the best efficiency, progress and cost for you!

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