Lee Kum Kee quảng cáo trên xe buýt tại TPHCM

Lee Kum Kee has launched bus advertising campaigns for 2 consecutive years in Ho Chi Minh City for the products Soy Sauce and Choy Sun Oyster Flavored Sauce. Ultra super king size bus posters attracted all the attention when appearing on the street.

1. Lee Kum Kee – Top Best Spice Brands

Lee Kum Kee was founded in 1888 in Guangdong, China by Mr. Lee Kum Sheung. Since then formed a famous oyster family in this country.

Initially, Lee Kum Kee provided the main product line of oyster sauce. Then, through years of research and development, the company has provided more than 200 choices of sauces and condiments to more than 100 countries and regions worldwide.

In Vietnam, Lee Kum Kee’s spices are very popular. With a characteristic delicious taste, Lee Kum Kee seasoning appears in many family meals. The company also invests in packaging sauces and spices in high-quality glass bottles, ensuring absolute safety for users’ health.

Besides quality investment, in order to achieve success, Lee Kum Kee has actively deployed many advertising campaigns on many different media channels. In which, in a densely populated market like Ho Chi Minh City, to advertise with strong pervasiveness and reach a large number of customers, bus advertising is the preferred choice of this brand.

Lee Kum Kee quảng cáo trên xe buýt tại TPHCM

2. Bus advertising campaign in Ho Chi Minh City in 2018

In 2018, Lee Kum Kee launched an advertising campaign on buses in Ho Chi Minh City to introduce the product Soy sauce. Soy sauce has the characteristic scent of soybeans and fermented wheat flour. With a mild salty taste, this sauce does not overwhelm but harmonizes with other spices.

Lee Kum Kee quảng cáo trên xe buýt tại TPHCM

Lee Kum Kee put on the bus super impressive billboards. The brand has chosen the form of bus advertising with the largest display area in Vietnam today – Ultra Super King Bus Advertising.

Taking advantage of this, Lee Kum Kee’s advertising maquette is prominently designed. The image of a bottle of Soy Sauce appears in bright colors. The advertising message is condensed and concise, ensuring that customers can fully receive it even while on the road.

Lee Kum Kee quảng cáo trên xe buýt tại TPHCM

In this campaign, Lee Kum Kee chose the routes running in the inner city. As a result, bus ads appeared on the city’s busiest routes, generating tens of thousands of impressions every day.

3. Bus advertising campaign in Ho Chi Minh City in 2019 of Lee Kum Kee

Following the success of the 2018 campaign, Lee Kum Kee continues to deploy bus advertising in Ho Chi Minh City in 2019 for the product of Choy Sun Oyster Flavored Sauce. This is considered the main product line and also has the highest sales of the company.

Lee Kum Kee quảng cáo trên xe buýt tại TPHCM

Still using the form of ultra super king bus Advertising in Ho Chi Minh City, without cramming too much information, Lee Kum Kee filtered and uploaded the most valuable content to the maquette. The enlarged image of a bottle of Oyster Oil immediately attracted viewers from the first time. The text in the design is concise but enough for users to understand, impress and remember.

Lee Kum Kee always chooses bright maquette colors, under the sunshine of Ho Chi Minh City, the design of the product and the brand becomes even more prominent. Moving every day from 13 to 15 hours continuously on the street, the advertising campaign significantly increases brand recognition.

Lee Kum Kee quảng cáo trên xe buýt tại TPHCM

Regardless of the campaign, Lee Kum Kee deploys long-term bus advertising, creating opportunities to reach customers continuously and repeatedly. Bus advertising campaigns in the long run are both effective and significantly cost-effective compared to short-term advertising.

4. The companion of Sixth Sense Media with Lee Kum Kee

Sixth Sense Media is the bus advertising company that accompanies both Lee Kum Kee’s campaigns. As for bus advertising services in Ho Chi Minh City, we are confident to bring high quality services with special support to all investors.

  • Possessing a large bus market share, it is possible to quickly advertise with a variety of bus routes.
  • Competitive cost, many attractive incentives.
  • Implement package advertising with fast progress and quality.
  • There are periodic acceptance reports for customers to check and maintain advertising aesthetics throughout the campaign.

If you are interested in bus advertising services in Ho Chi Minh City, please contact Sixth Sense Media directly to receive a free consultation!

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