Chương trình Săn Ong Vàng cùng MB Bank quảng cáo trên taxi Group

MB Bank was launched an advertising campaign on Group Taxi to widely introduce the attractive lucky draw program held in 3 months.

1. Super attractive “Golden Bee Hunting” program with MB Bank

In 2018, MB Bank application first launched a winning lottery game called “Golden bee hunting” with the largest prize value of up to 300 million VND.

The way to participate in the game is extremely simple. Players only need to download and register as a user on the MB Bank app. To have the dials, customers only need to make transactions using the MB Bank App or spend with VinID MB VISA international credit card with a minimum transaction value of 50,000 VND. Each transaction is equivalent to 1 spin.

All customers participating in the program are sure to have a gift! In addition to the 300 million VND queen bee prize, there are also many opportunities to win the “Baby Bee” award for users every day.

MB Bank app is very easy to use. The application integrates many convenient functions such as: online loan, money transfer, electricity and water bill payment, air ticket payment, Visa card registration, interbank transfer in 2 seconds, book opening save online or check balance without login…

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2. Advertising on Group Taxi for MB Bank

As soon as the ” Golden bee hunting” program was launched, MB Bank’s taxi advertising campaign was also quickly deployed. In this project, MB Bank focused on introducing the program to customers in the capital. But to talk about a taxi company that has a wide coverage, brings the program with a golden media area in Hanoi, it is definitely the Group Taxi company!

The advantage of the Group Taxi company is the beautiful car system, which has a delicate and luxurious white paint color. Therefore, every maquette model when stuck on a taxi is maximized in prominence. MB’s maquette appears in red as the background even more brilliantly on Group taxis.

Chương trình Săn Ong Vàng cùng MB Bank quảng cáo trên taxi Group

MB Bank has a very reasonable advertising design. The bank designed the maquette template with outstanding colors, impressive images and a very brief and concise message so that passers-by could receive it completely and quickly.

Ads on Group taxis operate with a frequency of up to 22h/day. Even when taxis are parked on the side of the road, waiting for guests at the lobby of hotels, shopping malls, on major roads, the design of MB Bank continue to be displayed, reaching thousands of viewers every day.

Chương trình Săn Ong Vàng cùng MB Bank quảng cáo trên taxi Group

Providing unlimited communication areas, continuous operation frequency, reaching a diverse mass customer group, bringing great efficiency, but the cost of advertising Taxi Group is extremely affordable!


Sixth Sense Media is very honored to be present in the Group taxi advertising project for MB Bank, widely promoting the “Golden bee hunting” program to the public in the capital. Whether cooperating with large brands, or small and medium brands, Sixth Sense Media ensures equal benefits including:

  • Construction package, ensuring fast progress.
  • There is a commitment to progress, quality, and follow up throughout the project.
  • Coordinate vehicles quickly and always negotiate the best discount for customers.

In addition to the advertising campaign on Group taxis, Sixth Sense Media also had the opportunity to implement a project: MB Ageas Life: Car Wrap Advertising Campaign.

MB Bank’s trust and return to cooperation many times is the motivation for us to strive, as well as affirm the quality of services that Sixth Sense Media brings to investors!

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