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Advertising on supermarket trolleys is popular with the ability to directly influence consumers’ decisions to buy products or use services. Having the advantage of both display frequency and reach time, the promotional trolleys make customers impressed and remembered.

1. What is the advertisement on the supermarket trolley?

The stroller is one of the essential items that almost all customers use. With a convenient and sophisticated design, these cars help users a lot in storing and transporting goods during the shopping process. And besides, the media have also found the ideal location to advertise on this media.

Advertisements on the supermarket trolley are located on the front of the car or on the side of the child seat. The billboard is made of high-quality plastic, has 2 sides for stickers, advertising posters. The positions for these billboards have been calculated, minimizing the external impact so that the advertising image always has good aesthetics and high durability.

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2. The reasons for businesses to choose advertising on trolleys

Currently, a large proportion of consumers in Vietnam have chosen to go to the supermarket 1-3 times / week to shop for their families and themselves. At large supermarkets such as Aeon Mall, Big C or Vinmart at weekends, it can welcome thousands of customers to visit and shop. This is the large number of potential customers that can be accessed by advertising on supermarket trolleys!

The calculated average time a user visits a shopping supermarket is between 30 and 60 minutes. Stroller advertising will accompany and remain in their sights throughout this shopping period.

With a 2-sided design, billboards on supermarket trolleys can also attract attention and attract people moving around. Thus, it can be seen that the frequency of reaching customers of this type of advertising is repeated a lot.

In particular, businesses that are selling their own products and introducing their services in supermarkets are even more effective. Advertising for supermarket trolleys will promote and directly influence the immediate purchasing decision. For example, they are wishing to buy noodles, seeing the ad on the trolley, they can immediately go to the counter.

With a large number of customers, shopping needs also become diversified, opportunities will come to more investors.

quảng cáo trên xe đẩy siêu thị

3. How much does it cost to advertise a supermarket trolley?

Compared with other forms at supermarkets, the advertising on a trolley is quite affordable. Depending on the supermarket chain you choose, the cost will range from 500,000 to 800,000 VND / car / month.

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4. Advertising service on trolleys at major supermarkets nationwide of Sixth Sense Media

Sixth Sense Media is proud to be one of the pioneers in exploiting advertising on supermarket trolley nationwide. We are a familiar partner of many supermarkets and large supermarket chains with the ability to welcome millions of customers every day in Vietnam such as: Big C, Co.opmart, Lotte, Vinmart, Mega Market,…

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