Quảng cáo Sơn Joton trên xe buýt tại Hà Tĩnh

The bus advertising campaign in Ha Tinh was launched by Joton and Sixth Sense Media in 2018 to introduce products and increase brand awareness more widely.

1. About JOTON Paint brand

Joton is a paint brand from Japan. In Vietnam, Joton paint has appeared since 1998, manufactured by LQ Joton – Joton Paints according to Japanese technology. Therefore, the products still ensure the quality but the price is more affordable for Vietnamese consumers.

Joton paints in Vietnam are the first products to apply advanced research results in the world. In the field of Paints and Surface Coatings in Vietnam, Joton is always one of the leading names.

Joton paint products are extremely diverse, used for many different projects and purposes such as: water-based paint, industrial paint, putty, primer, waterproof paint, … The advantages of Joton paint lines are: beautiful colors, high durability, cheap price but very easy to clean, especially safe for the health of the workers and users.

Quảng cáo Sơn Joton trên xe buýt tại Hà Tĩnh

2. Bus advertising campaign in Ha Tinh for Joton Paint

In 2018, Joton planned to increase the promotion of its paint products and brands in Ha Tinh. But for fast, wide advertising coverage, to reach many customers, bus advertising is probably the most suitable choice.

Joton’s bus advertising campaign was conducted in the form of advertising decals on both sides of the vehicle. With a large display area of ​​up to 8m² – 10m²/2 advertising sides, each bus was tasked with transporting 2 impressive mobile billboards for the brand.

Quảng cáo Sơn Joton trên xe buýt tại Hà Tĩnh

Joton selected bus routes operating within Ha Tinh province. The advertising route covers from Ha Tinh city down to the remaining districts of the province. Each vehicle operated from 12-14 hours/day. This means that the design of Joton was also appearing throughout that period, at all the locations that the bus travels through.

Quảng cáo Sơn Joton trên xe buýt tại Hà Tĩnh

Bus advertising in Ha Tinh can generate thousands of impressions with a mass customer group every day. Joton implemented a long-term advertising campaign within 6 months. With a long period of time, plus the frequency of repetition many times continuously will create a significant increase in the level of brand recognition. In particular, the cost of implementation was very reasonable, significantly lower than many advertising services on the radio, TV or other forms of outdoor advertising.


Sixth Sense Media is honored to be a partner to exploit and implement from A – Z the advertising project on buses in Ha Tinh for Joton. In this campaign, we are confident with great advantages that will bring the best service quality to investors.

  • Sixth Sense Media has long exploited the bus advertising market in Ha Tinh. We always pre-bid a large number of buses, ensuring that the advertising campaign is deployed quickly with a better rental price.
  • Full package from design, printing to construction and advertising decal warranty.
  • There are periodic reports for customers to understand the status of advertising, ensuring honest advertising throughout the entire project process.

If you need more advice on bus advertising services in Ha Tinh, please contact Sixth Sense Media directly for the best support!

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