K+ quảng cáo ưu đãi lớn mùa World Cup trên xe taxi Mai Linh

In World Cup 2018, K+ TV has presented customers with attractive promotions. To introduce the program more widely in Quang Ninh, K+ TV launched an advertising campaign on Mai Linh taxi within 2 months.

1. Attractive offer of K+ TV for customers at World Cup 2018

K+ TV always knows how to create a special attraction for football fans. That’s because this TV channel always invests in buying rights, exclusively broadcasting famous tournaments around the world, including the World Cup.

In order to bring viewers a quality World Cup season, the top matches of 2018, K+ is a channel that broadcasts all the matches of the season live. Audiences can watch all 64 exciting matches of the 2018 World Cup live on the K+ system in HD quality.

Despite the high number of registered subscribers in the season, K + did not increase the fee. Even K+ has launched a special promotion program. That is reducing the price of the K + HD receiver to only 495,000 VND (original price 1.3 million VND) and giving away a free TV subscription month.

Not only enjoying a good price, after the World Cup, K+ subscribers will continue to watch many other attractive tournaments such as the English Premier League, Champions League, Europa League; ATP tennis tournaments, PGA Tour golf, table tennis, basketball, racing and other interesting mixed martial arts…

K+ quảng cáo ưu đãi lớn mùa World Cup trên xe taxi Mai Linh

2. Advertising campaign on Mai Linh taxi of K+ TV

K+’s promotion only takes place for a limited time, so it needs to be advertised quickly and widely to many customers. That’s why K+ has chosen to advertise on Mai Linh taxi in Quang Ninh.

Mai Linh is a large taxi company in Quang Ninh with a system of more than 800 vehicles. Mai Linh taxis operate widely throughout the province, serving customers 24/24h. When conducting advertising, the design of K+’s promotion program is also displayed on all locations where the taxi passes.

K+ quảng cáo ưu đãi lớn mùa World Cup trên xe taxi Mai Linh

K+ has placed ads on more than 100 Mai Linh taxis. Therefore, the communication area is maximized, creating many opportunities to reach and attract thousands of customers every day.

Mai Linh taxi has an impressive paint color, along with the quality of new vehicles, so it is even more prominent when advertising. Advertising decals pasted on Mai Linh taxis not only ensure aesthetics, but also maintain high durability during more than 2 months of the campaign.

Taxi advertising will support other communication channels well. For example: Customers who see ads on taxis will be impressed, when they see K+ ads on television, they will remember them even more. On the contrary, after watching an advertisement on television, they encounter a taxi ad on the road again, creating an impact many times to remember the program and brand.

K+ quảng cáo ưu đãi lớn mùa World Cup trên xe taxi Mai Linh


In 2018, Sixth Sense Media is pleased to cooperate to deploy the advertising project on Mai Linh taxi in Quang Ninh for K+ TV. We are a long-term partner of Mai Linh Group, always prioritized to book taxis quickly with large quantities and the most affordable rental prices.

Using the service of Sixth Sense Media, you will be supported with a package from design, printing to construction. In particular, we always have a warranty to maintain throughout the campaign, bringing the highest trust and satisfaction to investors.

To receive more advice on services as well as advertising rate cards, please contact us now!

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