Quảng cáo trên xe bus Hà Nội dự án The Phoenix Garden

The Phoenix Garden’s bus advertising project in Hanoi was launched for 3 months and recorded many positive effects for the investor Hai Phat Land.

1. The Phoenix Garden – Pine hill villa in the heart of Hanoi

The Phoenix Garden is located on the west side of Hanoi. This is a luxury villa project with many different utilities.

The Phoenix Garden is the first project in Hanoi built with 100% French neoclassical style villas. The highlight in the design is the cleverly arranged villas on the undulating pine hills, bringing people closer to nature, colorful flowers and plants throughout the four seasons. Design is considered so that when standing in any position, family members can enjoy the green scenery outside.

The internal facilities at The Phoenix Garden are fully prepared including: commercial center, school, entertainment area, sports, swimming pool, high-class hotel, etc. The main goal of the project is to build a comfortable and classy residential area, which contributes to improving health and community cohesion.

Dự án The Phoenix Garden

2. Bus advertising campaign in Hanoi for The Phoenix Garden

To widely advertise a Da Lat in the heart of Hanoi, The Phoenix Garden has deployed an advertising campaign on buses in Hanoi. The project is carried out on a fairly large scale, bringing the image of the pine hill villa area widely covered by roads in the capital.

Quảng cáo trên xe bus Hà Nội dự án The Phoenix Garden

The Phoenix Garden designed a simple maquette to introduce the villa area. Along with that, investors directly attract viewers when offering specific selling prices of villas in The Phoenix Garden from only 5 billion VND. This is considered a clear, simple call to action, very brief but extremely to the point.

Quảng cáo trên xe bus Hà Nội dự án The Phoenix Garden

The form of advertising on buses in Hanoi is to stick decals on both sides of the bus body. The decal size is quite large from 8m² – 12m²/2 advertising sides, enough for the image and content of the advertising message about The Phoenix Garden to be displayed clearly and impressively to the viewer.

Deploying bus advertising, The Phoenix Garden reaches thousands of capital consumers every day. The project has been implemented for 3 months with the frequency of repetition every day, marking the image of The Phoenix Garden in the customer’s mind, thereby effectively supporting the project launch.

Quảng cáo trên xe bus Hà Nội dự án The Phoenix Garden


Sixth Sense Media is proud to be the company implementing bus advertising project in Hanoi from A – Z for The Phoenix Garden. With many years of experience, we quickly consult and plan to deploy advertising on suitable bus routes.

Bus advertising projects in Hanoi of Sixth Sense Media can confidently affirm their high quality, fast construction progress, competitive price, and best support for investors.

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